We’re talking The Beatles so little introduction should be needed. However, for those living extremely sheltered lives, and/or those under the age of 20, maybe 15, imagine this. In a word, success!

The Beatles have:

  • Sold well over 2 billion albums.
  • Charted on Billboard in excess of 1,300 weeks.
  • Spent over 175 weeks with a number 1 song.

In other words, they were and still are a big deal. Really big!

But what could they possibly tell you about being successful?

You can’t succeed at anything unless you are very good at what you do and for the Beatles that included each band member being an accomplished musician, each capable of playing multiple instruments.

They sang really well, separately and together to the point that each enjoyed successful solo careers after the band ended.

They could write their own music including more than 200 songs covered by thousands of artists from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Other bands were, to varying degrees, some of this, however, none to date have done what the Beatles have done. So what else is there about them that led to their success?

Band together.

Simply put, each member knew when to acquiesce to another for the good of the group.

To be sure, as all band mates do, John, Paul, George, and Ringo had their differences. However, arguably, their ability to put aside their individual identities in favor of the Beatle brand had more to do with their success, both as members of the Beatles and later in their solo careers, than did any other single factor.

And when that was no longer true, they went their separate ways.

Work it out . . . together!

Think of the company you work in and the people you work for and with, as a band. You each have your capabilities or you wouldn’t be there. You each do some things well, other things not so much.

If you spend more time thinking about your strengths rather than your weaknesses, if you mostly or only think of your coworker’s weaknesses, you wouldn’t have made it as a Beatle no matter how good you played and sang. Nor will your success in other endeavors be what it could have been.

Don’t fight those you work with, join with them to achieve the success you all want to enjoy. As the Beatles once said, work it out together.

William Matthies founded Coyote Insight in 2000 to help start-ups as well as established companies and brands plan for profitable growth.

In 1986 he founded what was to become the largest independent market research/database marketing company in the consumer electronics and high tech fields. By the time he sold The Verity Group in 1997, the company employed 400+ people at its California and Costa Rica offices.

Today he serves on corporate advisory boards lecturing frequently at industry events around the world on managing change, strategic planning, and customer relations.

William’s spare time is spent seeking out experiences that change his perspective, while at the same time having great fun. A few years ago, he visited Russia for a Mach 2.5 flight in a MiG 25 supersonic aircraft flying to 80,000 feet, the edge of space. Want details? Contact him, he’ll be happy to tell you about it!