When starting a business from your ideas & becoming an entrepreneur.

We all read and hear about very successful people doing very successful things and wonder “I should have done that or I want to do that” and why shouldn’t you as people start a business from the ideas they have.

If you have an idea or many ideas, think how to use your skills, knowledge, experiences and abilities to turn those ideas in to a business. If it does not exist, create it.

Your first attempt might fail, it does not mean that you are a failure and should just give up “your far from that” it just means that actual attempt did not work out, you learn from that actual attempt to not repeat it and you attempt again with what you have leant and keep attempting “there is no limit on how many attempts you do” until you succeed.

There will be times when you think to yourself “what am I doing or why go through all this or to just give up” and it’s normal as many do give up and it’s a shame because that idea-ideas they had could have been something special, useful and beneficial to society.

People want to know how they can become a success or how to get all the resources and there are multiple answers and many articles written, seminars and speeches given on that subject but it does not instantly work out for everyone that reads and hears them because everyone is different in their abilities, ideas and their resources which are just some of the factors involved.

Don’t give up on your ideas no matter what happens.

People should not give up on their ideas no matter what happens in their lives because all the things we have now are from people not giving up on their ideas as either creating a product and service or improving a product and service.

Some ideas and businesses take many years to become a success but we never think of how they started or how long it took them and what they went through because we did not know they existed until we see the successful “finished product”.

Don’t just think of the “finished product” when you start out, think of each attempt and each step you make as you discover what works and what does not work from each step you make; concentrate on what happens from each step by learning from it and then apply that to you next attempt.

Some people will get all the help and support such as money and influential people supporting them and sometimes even with all that, they won’t become a success. If you don’t have the backing and support it does not mean you can’t become a success, all it means is that you have to try by doing more, learn more and become resourceful in making it all happen. There is no time limit on this as everyone has their own abilities.

We never stop learning.

We never stop learning and discovering new things and ways of doing something no matter how much experience and knowledge we have.

Take all the information in and think; what can I actually do and if you cannot do something, can I learn to do it and do it well. Don’t spend too much time on what you cannot do as you should only concentrate on what you can do. From what you can do, think of how to use that to create a business “this is just the thinking stage and it has not costed you anything”.

When you have an idea for a business, you will need to put it out there, you can start off with the use social media networks as it can grow your network and reach many people to test your idea and then if you are satisfied with the outcome, you move on to spending money by creating the business and advertising. This is just the basics and a template to start off with.

If you do nothing, then nothing will always happen. Don’t be scared to try and not succeed at your many attempts because the only real failures are not trying and giving up.

Business consultant, entrepreneur, founder of GNCORP.