4 Technologies that Could Revolutionize the Way You Live

4 Technologies that Could Revolutionize the Way You Live - People Development Network

In 2018, there will be tech advancements occurring across every industry. Experts expect each advancement should have a significant impact. But, some impacts will obviously be greater than others. The following four technologies are projected to have some of the most direct impacts on both an individual and social level. Curious about what is yet to come? Read on and learn about 4 technologies that could revolutionize the way you live.

Self-Driving Cars

Nearly every major car manufacturer is researching and developing a form of a self-driving car.  Depending on the manufacture, some cars will be restricted to only servicing the freeway. Others will be able to cruise city streets. One of the key benefits of self-driving cars is being able to relax while riding. Some people may even have time to work on the commute. For example, consider that the ordinary commute is 50 mins a day.

This downtime can help you accomplish your work goals quicker. Another key benefit is that you won’t need to bother with getting directions. Yep, you heard that right. Your cars and truck will do all the work you thanks to built-in GPS systems. These GPS systems will feature everything from a 7-inch LCD to Bluetooth to even augmented reality capabilities. So in the next five to ten years, expect to hop in the car and just kick back and relax as you head on your way! 

Smart homes

Smart homes are projected to turn your house into a stress-free atmosphere. Yet, did you know they’ll also become an additional personal assistant? Hold up, though. Before buying a bunch of smart home devices, it’s important to first determine the best framework and wireless communication systems to sustain your home.

Next, you will need to discover a smart centre to function as a central communication system in between the different tools in your network. This enables you to have a single control system. There are a variety of hubs offered on the marketplace, many that also featured their own mobile phone application. You may even intend to include an expert system to the mix to create a digital assistant to better control your smart home.

Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Art Project

Snapchat has partnered with artist Jeff Koon’s to enable customers to project his sculptures in particular locations around the globe. Locations include Central Park in New York, Venice Boardwalk in Los Angeles, Hyde Park in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. One of the goals of this project is to continue expanding augmented reality capabilities, as well as inspire individuals to focus on what’s around you by considering what may or may not be present.

Snapchat’s new project has already become so popular that many tech and education experts are saying that many teachers are already looking to implement the technology into the current education curriculum. While this would require public schools to expand the already expensive $3 billion spent per year on digital devices, it would certainly prove worthwhile in the long run by helping students and teachers to comfortable with merging futuristic tech into the classroom. 

Wireless Power

Although this modern technology has yet to be fully developed, wireless power could be soon approaching. With electric power being sent via radio signals, wireless power has the possibility to not only revolutionize our understanding of electricity. It also is expected to increase efficiency and revolutionize the electrical energy market. Despite still in development, this concept has actually been around since Nikola Tesla.

However, Tesla found this idea quite extensive as he could not develop an efficient process with the level of technology he had at hand. Yet now, with the production of more powerful technologies, wireless power is not past our capabilities. For example, currently, there are cordless phones and tablet computer chargers. This means that wireless power could be applied to a much larger scale soon.

Some of these modern technologies are prepared to be effortlessly placed into your everyday routine right now. Others are still on the drawing board calling for further refinement before they await market. But be on the lookout! Don’t be surprised if these technologies revolutionize how you and future generations live. 

Andrew Deen

Andrew Deen

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