The phrase ‘public speaking’ can strike fear into the hearts of even the most capable and confident people in the workplace. There is something naturally intimidating about the idea of having stand in front of a group of people and talk. But being able to give an effective presentation is a major skill that is valuable in almost any career or industry.

The skills that are used in giving presentations can be transferred to many disciplines – becoming a fantastic presenter can really help you in the business world. If you have always avoided presenting due to a dislike of public speaking, now could be the time face it bravely. Here is how presentation skills can help you take your career to the next level.

Gain confidence from speaking to audiences

Overcoming your aversion to public speaking and performing well can be a huge boost to your confidence. It is natural to feel nervous when giving presentations but as you accumulate experience and skills you will become more comfortable speaking in front of people. When you have established this confidence in one of the most nerve-wracking arenas imaginable, it is easy to transfer that confidence to other parts of your business life.

Being able to confidently assert yourself is vital in business. It is a huge skill to stay relaxed and confident in business discussions and negotiations. If you can master staying cool and collected during presentations in front of hundreds of people, the challenge of displaying confidence in front of other business people seems less daunting.

Learn how to harness the ideas and opinions of others

One of the major advantages of modern presentations is that they can use technology in order to broaden or strengthen their argument. Take the example of Clikapad audience response systems; these voting systems are commonly distributed during presentations and audiences are given the opportunity to give feedback or become involved in the topics that are being discussed.

It is easy to see how this kind of presentation technology can be applied in meetings and group discussions in the workplace. Audience response systems are most useful when they are harnessing the ideas and opinions of everyone in the room. If you can take this idea from presenting and apply it in your job, it will be extremely valuable.

Increase confidence with presentation skills

Increase your visibility within the organisation

Developing your skills as a presenter and consequently carrying out more presentations in front of other members of your company can be a huge strength to your career. It is a natural part of the business world that staff are more likely to get noticed when they make themselves very visible. Confidently delivering speeches and presentations can show off to your superiors that you have the talent to go further in the business.

Giving high quality presentations gives a perception of someone who is authoritative and confident – both of which are attributes that can take you a long way.

Develop great interview skills

Another benefit from developing excellent presentational skills is that these can be easily transferred over to your interview technique. Almost all interviews have elements of presentation involved, whether you are simply asked to answer questions one-to-one, or if you have a panel of interviewers that you are seeking to impress.

Aside from obvious transferrable skills such as articulate public speaking and excellent delivery, there are also a range of other presentation essentials that will serve you very well both before and during your interview. These include reading your audience and responding to them appropriately, as well as in-depth research on a subject matter.

Excellent leaders need to have excellent presentation skills

Finally, remember that if you have aspirations to attain management and leadership positions in your career, you are going to need to become a strong presenter. Leaders need to have the ability to skilfully disseminate information as well as being able to influence and change the views and opinions of others. Even if it is too early in your career to be thinking about potential leadership roles in the future, it is never too early to begin working on your ability to present to an audience and feel in control of a situation.

Mike James is a featured author and business writer, specialising in HR, Marketing and Cybersecurity. Published on numerous online authorities and print magazines, Mike is currently focusing on HR and management.