Do No Stay in Discouraged Mode

Do No Stay in Discouraged Mode - People Development Network
Do No Stay in Discouraged Mode - People Development Network

We all have once in our lives felt discouraged.

We all have once in our lives felt discouraged or given up for the time being and some experience it more than once too often but it is how you deal with it, is a learning experience in itself and most importantly to not stay in discouraged mode.

When you want something to happen and you try your best to make it happen but it does not work  out or did not go as you planned or dreamed it would, we tend to give up and build up the walls around us to stay discouraged as to not try again as we think we will fail or feel what is the use of trying because we’re in the discouraged mode.

No matter what you do or what dreams and ideas you have; some people will criticise, insult, ignore and reject you or your ideas and that leads to people being discouraged to continue or even start and end up in discouraged mode but instead of being discouraged, treat it as a learning experience of how to deal with these types of people and how certain people think, also you will need to get rid of toxic people from your life as they will always use and bring you down.

The way to get out of discouraged mode or feeling of what is the use is to not stay discouraged, one way to do that is to rethink:

(1) Take a little break and relax by doing something completely different from what you were trying to do as that will clear your mind or could even give you different or more ideas.

(2) What are you trying to do and what have you actually done.

(3) What worked and what did not work and what did you learn from that experience.

(4) From what you learnt and experienced, how can I modify my next attempt.

(5) What resourced or skills do I have or need to get.

Trying again-not giving up and doing the same thing over and over again are two different actions.

When you keep doing/repeating the exact same thing/failure over and over again expecting/hoping for a different result, it will always give to the same result of failure.

When you try again as you have not given up, you try a different/modified way and if that does not work, you modify your next attempt from what you have learned and keep modifying until you succeed.

There is no time frame as it’s never too late to get out of discouraged mode.

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