4 Great Careers within the Health Tech Industry

great careers in health tech

Careers in Health Tech

Are you looking forward to making a great career in the health tech industry? If yes, then here you can get to know about the 4 great careers that you can go into in the health tech industry. We have assimilated these careers after a thorough research. So, let us get started with this.

  1. Allied Health Professional

Highest salary – Around $42,000 for a respiratory therapist

Allied Health professionals are not the healthcare professionals like pharmacy, medicine, and nursing; they are different from these. Allied health professionals work in the healthcare staff in order to improve the functioning of the health care system by providing a wide variety of technical, diagnostic, direct patient support and care, and therapeutic services in order to aid other health care professionals as well as patients alike.

Education requirements

The Allied Health profession requires national training and education standards via degrees, certified credentials, diplomas, and continuing education. However, some other allied health professions do not require any special credentials or training since they are trained on the job by their employers. They are required to study topics like basic life support, basics of medical ethics and law, medical acronyms, terminology, and spelling, etc.

Job duties

According to the International Chief Health Professions Officers (ICHPO) organization, Allied health professionals are required to use their expertise in preventing disease transmission and treating, diagnosing, and rehabilitating people of all specialties and all ages. Plus, they also deliver rehabilitation, direct patient care, treatment, health improvement, and diagnostics to patients.

  1. Radiologic Technologists

Highest salary – Around $82,000

Radiologic Technologists are health professionals who make use of several treatment and imaging technologies in order to make diagnostic images as well as handle the radiation therapy care. However, Radiologic Technologists must not be confused with radiologists, who scrutinize medical pictures for diagnostic purposes.

Education requirements

In the health tech industry, you need to get a degree in radiation science technology in order to become a Radiologic Technologist. In this, you will study subjects like anatomy, radiation safety, equipment protocols, and various other relevant subjects.

Job duties

A Radiologic Technologist has to set proper technical factors and accurately position patients in a way that the machines can create high-quality medical pictures.

  1. Sonographer

Highest salary – Around $112,000 in California

Sonographers or ultrasonographers are health care professionals that specialize and know how to make use of various ultrasonic imaging devices in order to produce diagnostic scans, videos, images, or 3D volumes of diagnostic and anatomy data.

Education requirements

Sonography necessitates special skills and education. A lot of nations necessitate professional certification for sonographers. They are required to study subjects like ultrasound physics, pathology, physiology, and cross-sectional anatomy.

Job duties

A Sonographer views analyzes and modifies the medical scan in order to optimize the details given in the image.

  1. Biotechnologist

Highest salary – Around $94,000

Biotechnologists work in laboratories and study a wide range of research based on living systems. They manipulate or modify living organisms in order to create new products like biofuels or pharmaceuticals.

Education requirements

A Biotechnologist requires formal education, along with a strong research background. You need a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology to enter this profession. However, if you want to become a senior or independent researcher, you need a doctoral or master’s degree for this.

Job duties

Biotechnologists conduct various experiments and thus develop materials in private and public laboratories. They can get work as medical scientists, biophysicists, or biochemists. As a beginner biotechnologist, you need to set up laboratory instruments and equipment and as a senior biotechnologist, you need to analyze data, design research studies, and develop research protocols.

So, these are the 4 top most careers that you can explore within the health technology industry. Hope you now know everything about these careers. For more information, you can conduct an online research for the individual career you want to go for.

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