The difficulty we face in stepping out of our comfort zone

Comfort zone can have many different meanings and to each person, it is slightly different; examples such as shyness, fear of public speaking, failure, rejection, what others think of you are the common problems people face.

People try one or two things and if they do not succeed at first or second attempt they then retreat and stay in their comfort zone.

We all have dreams of what we want to do, what we want to achieve and wonder how can we make it happen.

We ask ourselves what do I need to do, what is involved and how to start and where do I find out how.

Wondering or thinking about it is a start but if nothing is done about it, nothing happening.

If you want to start a business or have an idea or an invention and you want people to know “from your local community to worldwide” you will need to put it and yourself out there and for many that are stepping out of their comfort zone.

If you do not put it out there, then you with your idea will not be known and any opportunities with chances for success will be diminished.

A great way to try to get out of your comfort zone is to take small steps and if each small step succeeds, then do another.

If it fails, then try again, if you fail again, try a different way and keep trying different ways until you succeed.

The internet and social media are a great way to start as it is a small step to get out of your comfort zone by announcing your business or idea or invention as to see what it can attract and create.

You learn what works and what does not as in learning from your failures, mistakes and modifying each attempt until you succeed.

There are many websites that are helpful and informative about business, entrepreneurship and start-ups.

If you are using social media networks, you should use your real name or business name and an actual picture of yourself or your business logo.

A big problem people face is the “giving speeches, public speaking and talking to a group of people” if you need or want to do this, it is a big stepping out of your comfort zone.

Begin with small steps to see if you can do it

(1) Start with people you personally know and explain to them what you are trying to do.

(2) If they want to participate then start with talking in front of them as they are an audience.

(3) If you do not do well or feel nervous/embarrassed, stop for a while or an amount of time you feel confident with and try again.

(4) If you do well, then try doing it with more people in the room as in asking if each person you know to bring a friend or relative along as to have more people for you to practice on.

(5) If you do not have anyone to practice on, try joining public groups such as your local communities or organisations that involve talking to/in front of people or “if you have a job” work colleagues if they are willing to participate.

It is up to you what level you want to reach but if you cannot “give speeches, public speaking and talking to a group of people” there is no point trying to do it as it interferes with the time you have for your actual abilities because you need to concentrate and perfect what you can do instead of wasting time-effort-energy thinking about what you cannot do!

If you actually cannot do something due to reason such as medical or physical conditions, it is not the end of your life; giving up because of what you cannot do is the worst and regrettable decision you will ever make.

You will need to discover what you actually can and cannot do.

(1) Try many different things “take small steps” to know what you can and cannot do.

(2) Write down by creating a list of what you discover as in can and cannot do and only concentrate on what you can do and try to perfect it.

(3) When you have achieved or perfected what you can do, you can go back to your list to try the other things; either the can or cannot and from what you have learnt from doing what you can do, you might be able to do one of the cannot.

Everyone has different abilities but we all have comfort zones that we find hard and difficult to step out of sometimes.

Even if you step out of your comfort zone, success is not guaranteed because it is not just about stepping out of your comfort zone, it is about doing what is needed to succeed such as learning from your mistakes and failures to not repeat them while modifying each attempt until you succeed.

Business consultant, entrepreneur, founder of GNCORP.