Be resourceful by becoming resourceful

When you want something in your life and you can’t get it, you need to become resourceful in getting what you want.

We all want things, we see and hear about products and services or what others are doing and we think to ourselves “I want that” but you don’t know how to get it.

You try a few different things such as asking for it or hoping for it but it does not make it happen.

Stop and think, what do I need to do to get what I want or become the person I want to be?

This is when you start to think about resources.

What resources you have at your disposal or what resources do you need to get and how to use those resources” and from that, you become resourceful in thinking differently and using what you have.

If something does not work out from the start, it does not mean that your life is over “it’s far from that” all that it means is that attempt did not work out and so you learn from that mistakes “and also others mistakes” to not repeat those mistakes by modifying your next attempt.

Failure is an attempt at success, the more you attempt, that more chance of success!

Learning new skills or improving on an existing skill, having experience and abilities are resources in themselves that can be used in your work and life, these are resources that you have but did not know.

You never stop learning no matter how much you know!

Seeking funding or investments, mentors or partnering up with people is another form of resource and again it’s being resourceful in how to get them and what you do when you get them.

With partnering or investments, there are both positives and negatives and as you go along you will learn and see what works and what does not, it is a learning experience that you can add to your list of resources and not to forget the network of connection you gain.

And remember if it does not work out it does not mean that it is all over as you try again and modify your next attempt from what you have learnt.

Some will have more resources them others such as financial support, having a network of connections, the ability of charm and charisma but the majority will not have any of these.

Then there are those who had no help and are limited in resources but because they became resourceful in getting the “resources” learning from their mistakes and not giving up, they become a success.

Nothing is impossible and it is very difficult when you start from nothing with nothing and all on your own but these things take time, effort and determination.

From what you have learnt and experienced, you become resourceful to make what you want happen.

Business consultant, entrepreneur, founder of GNCORP.