Positive thinking is essential in business

We all know positive thinking is beneficial.  There has been lots of research carried out which shows the business benefits of employing positive and happy people. These people will make your business more successful, productive and innovative. Whether you like it or not, your reality is changed by how you think.  If you don’t believe that, then you need to get in touch with the latest Quantum Science.   As it turns out, there are a number of possibilities which are influenced by the observer.  So if you think you will fail, or you will succeed, you are right.  It is clear that how you think will impact anything you do, including your business.

As a great advocate of wellbeing, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too, I am heartened that the world is now waking up to the fact that it actually pays to be happy.  The introduction of the United Nations International Day of Happiness, which happened on 20th March is a great testament to the progress made.    And while happiness and wellbeing are great goals to aim for, in creating an environment at work which fosters such states:  It simply isn’t enough.

The past, present and future

You have 3 fundamental states of reality available to you. The Past: Present and Future.  When your thinking is historical and about your past experiences, you are constantly imagining how things were. As a result, you will usually recreate the same situations again and again.  Your days become the same and you slip into that a comfort zone without realising you are in a trance.   Suddenly you wake up after many years and realise life has passed you by.

Alternatively, your thinking is focused on the here and now.  In some respects, this is a healthy state.  Typically, your thinking is about what is unique or new about this present moment.  Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t keep this focus.  We watch TV or read the papers and look at what we have created.  We bemoan the state of the world, the culprits and the situations which seem to keep us trapped in scarcity, violence and poverty.

When you know your thinking is creating your reality. You will know to change your reality you have to think differently.  To do this, you have to stop thinking about the ills of the past, stop thinking about the horrors of the world and begin to think about what you want.  You can’t clearly think about what you want when you are always thinking about what you don’t want.  You also, can’t think about what you want, when you are worrying about how to get it.   It is a very significant and important distinction.

How you think out of the box

The reason many individuals, teams, businesses and governments settle for mediocre, struggle and strife is because we don’t stop focusing long enough on the historical proof and the uncomfortable present.  When we do take time out to envisage a future we might want, then we don’t let the vision solidify in our mind’s eye before we begin to worry about how we might not get that future or indeed how on earth we are going to achieve it.

Truly great entrepreneurs don’t think like that:  Look at Richard Branson.  He doesn’t worry about whether Virgin Galactic will be successful or not, he has a vision and he believes he can materialise it.

Create a vision

It is the same with your business.  If you are worried about what’s happened in the past, or you are worried that you won’t be able to create a great future because of all the barriers in the way, then guess what.  Your thinking is out of alignment with your vision, and you will likely stay exactly where you are.  To change things, you need to solidify your vision in your mind.  You need to put aside the past and what’s happening right now long enough to get that vision so clear in your mind, that you can touch it, feel it, and talk it, and you create new thinking about it.

What the world needs now, what your business needs now, is a vision.  A clear vision which is solidified sufficiently in your mind will generate an energetic match. In turn this will create the action and opportunities which will create that very vision.  If you think about our vision as if it is already a done deal, then your energy must be changed. As quantum science is indeed proving, then our world has to change in response.

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This Post was updated in March 2019

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