In a world where nothing is certain at the moment, there are a large number of industries that are being affected. This is then having a knock-on effect on employers and employees alike, especially when it comes to finances and pay.  The UK construction industry is one of those. 2019 has seen the biggest fall in new work in a decade. With many within the industry saying that Brexit has resulted in many clients cutting budgets and cutting the ways they invest in their employees.

Of course, in terms of pay, it’s making it much harder for employers to give bonuses and pay raises to their staff. This, in turn, can be very infuriating for staff members.  But, there are ways that employers can invest in their employees to show they are dedicated to them in other ways when finances aren’t looking great.

1. Best equipment

While your team works and works, one way to show that you’re invested in them is to invest in the best equipment for them. Companies such as SGS Engineering stock everything you could need for commercial worksites, which makes keeping everything up to date a lot easier. While it will cost, it’s much cheaper than pay rises and should keep workers happier as the equipment won’t fail.

2. Training

There are always new skills to be learnt, especially in this industry. Ask your team and see if there’s anything new they want to learn, or if there are any industry advancements in specific sectors they could do with a refresh on. Helping the team to better their skills will go towards helping them and you in the long run.

3. Manage workloads

If there is work, don’t let certain members get bogged down, while others wonder what they’re doing. Both issues could result in team members quitting. Therefore it’s important to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has an equal workload at all times.

4. Engage

Talk to your team, find out what’s bothering them and see what you can do to help them out. From the day-to-day to their career path, having someone to talk to will help and show them that you care. Also, if there is spare cash at times, arrange works meals and nights out or activity days to help the team bond and remain close.

5. Be open

Finally, the most important thing you can do with your team is to be open. If there are issues with finding new jobs and money, don’t lie, be honest. This honesty will show your team that you’re loyal to them, whereas telling them there’s more money coming soon, which won’t materialise, will leave them frustrated and more likely to leave to go work elsewhere.

So, if you are struggling in the current economy, don’t leave your team in the dark, talk to them and work through it together.

Ed Smith – Ed took a keen understanding of business through his studies and early business ventures. He now looks to advise start-ups and is extremely keen to make sure every entrepreneur gets the advice which could make their business venture a success. He has been a guest author on various high authority business sites.