A popular Austin lifestyle blogger named Camille Styles wrote about the benefits of cannabidiol, which is commonly known as CBD. CBD has been making headlines for its benefits for pain management, chronic illness treatment, and much more. There is still plenty of confusion, resulting in CBD anxiety, and the blog post clarified some important points.

Facts about CBD

You can find data on usage from this source.  These were the most interesting facts about the substance:

  • CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant.
  • CBD does not make people high.
  • Cannabinoids also occur naturally in human breast milk and promote healthy development.
  • CBD is not the same as medicinal marijuana or recreational marijuana.
  • CBD anxiety needs to be overcome.

With these facts in mind, it is important to remember that CBD is a medicinal extract or component of the cannabis plant. Although people may experience an altered mental state with medicinal marijuana, the effects of CBD are only noticeable as a reduction of symptoms for certain conditions.

Research is new

Since the cannabis plant was classified as an illegal drug for so long, research about CBD is still somewhat new and evolving. According to multiple studies, there have been positive CBD effects associated with various illnesses. These were some key findings in recent years:

  • CBD may reduce or prevent epileptic seizures.
  • CBD may alleviate pain and some symptoms associated with several types of cancer.
  • CBD may reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

In Austin, MINERAL is a new and growing company that provides CBD anxiety treatments. During its initial two years, the business primarily offered its products online. Then, in early 2019, they launched a brick-and-mortar store in Austin. But this isn’t just any retail outlet. The owners describe it as both a cannabis perfume and a community centre. They use the term “perfumery” because they specialize in CBD products infused with aromatic oils known as terpenes. Throughout their numerous trips to cannabis cultivation farms, the MINERAL team gained insights into terpenes. Leveraging this knowledge, the owners have crafted unique terpene combinations to produce CBD products with specific effects. For instance, they’ve developed products aimed at improving sleep. Through their experimentation, they’ve identified potent terpene blends that deliver pronounced results.

The Medicinal Value of CBD

MINERAL, dubbed by its owners as a community centre, serves as an educational hub. After enduring a severe bout of food poisoning, one owner delved into the medicinal properties of various plants for healing and health maintenance. While the centre primarily enlightens individuals about the advantages of CBD and its potent terpene combinations, it also sheds light on the merits of plant-based nutrition and medicine for diverse health concerns. Through this, they aim to empower Austin’s residents to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. For those considering the potential life-enhancing effects of CBD, the centre offers an array of unique product combinations for purchase. Moreover, they host regular events, inviting all to deepen their understanding of CBD.

In her blog post, Styles highlighted the historical research gap concerning CBD. Although research funding has seen an uptick, progress remains gradual. Echoing Styles’ sentiments, MINERAL emphasizes the importance of self-education and spreading awareness about CBD. The centre invites visitors to explore and understand the products they craft, designed to restore bodily equilibrium. These range from ingestible items to topical ointments. You can find MINERAL’s innovative Austin community centre and cannabis perfumery at 1105 East 6th Street.

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