Growing your account with LinkedIn Automation

When it comes to Linkedin Automation, many users have their doubts in the proceeding. There have been warning emails and bans on Linkedin shared by some users who run automation. Some folks stop using their Linkedin extension for this reason. Some companies even suggested their users remove their extension after fortnight uses. Well, it sounds so silly.

There is no reason to stop using a Linkedin tool as long as you are using it moderately. Such specific warnings might happen to people who are exaggeratedly using their tool. If there’s a risk, why make it bigger? In fact, LinkedIn automation, if used properly, can grow your account in a more rapid way.

Linkedin changes at least once on a weekly basis. The developers continuously update their algorithms, rules, and terms. With such progressing improvements, not all folks can follow them through. The real benefit of the automation tool is that you can use the LinkedIn platform without having to read all those practical guidelines thoroughly.

Automatic updates

The automation LinkedIn tool like already updates the new changes of LinkedIn so that you can still use it without any hassle. Let’s see what we can learn from an automation tool called Linked Helper.

Linked Helper is a great LinkedIn automation software that comes in the form of Chrome Plugin as well as a desktop app. As the trait suggests, the LinkedIn users can maximize their LinkedIn experience by automating the processes such as messaging first connections, inviting people to connect, autoresponder, inviting the 1st connection to join the group, and so on. All of these activities are time and effort consuming. Linked Helper, if used in moderation, can be beneficial for you. It can help you expand your social networks in no time.

When you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, for instance, you could take the perks from advanced search filters. It gives your profile the opportunity to visit up to 500 profiles on a daily basis. But you need to be aware of the connection requests and direct messages you send. Although LinkedIn officials do not disclose the limits of messages and requests you can send, we always believe that 5% of your total connections are the safest rate. If you are bombing the connection requests, it could trigger an alert. There’s a chance that you could get warning messages from the Linkedin official.

Target your audience

Stay relevant to your audience target. The other users will likely accept your connections request if you come from the relevant connection. You can try to connect with similar contacts who have the chance to know your existing contacts.

The automation tool like Linked Helper can also help you to send a hundred direct messages per day. As we know, sending direct messages can be a time-consuming task for average users. Let the tool help you with that.

Linked Helper can also auto visit your first-degree connection which will give you a chance to get more exposure. By adding thirty to forty contacts per day using such a slow and steady approach, your account will be away from the red flags.

Consider combining LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Linked Helper for both your B2B and B2C mission. In no time, you will notice that your profile grows rapidly. Use these tools in a moderate way. After all, you can still maximize your results without invigorating too much automation processes in Linkedin.