What you can do with self-confidence

Think for a minute about those things that you do with self-confidence – just the little things. You are probably pretty confident that you can read this post; you are probably pretty confident that you can drive your car and cook a meal. Granted, these are little things, but you do them without even thinking about them. And people who have self-confidence don’t really think about being self-confident. They just are. They know that they have worth and that they are capable of going after what they want, even if they don’t achieve it 100%.

So how do you get to the point? That point where you don’t really have to think, “Do I have enough confidence in myself to tackle this?” You do so in steps, of course, as you build upon small successes that give you the confidence to go after the next goal. There are also some things you can do on a daily basis that will add to your self-confidence.

Here are six of them.

1. Set Some Self Confidence Building Tasks for Yourself

Every night, think of one task that you will take on tomorrow that will stretch you just a bit. Maybe you’ll start up a short conversation with that cute guy or girl you’ve been eyeing from afar; perhaps you’ll set a personal budget that you know you need; or, even though you are an introvert, you will pose a solution for an issue at work that you have been thinking about. Now sit back and picture in your mind you do exactly that.

What will you say? Practice it. See yourself at your kitchen table with paper and pencil developing that budget. You’ll be ready to tackle that challenge. And with each of these small tasks you accomplish, your confidence will build.

2. Practice Your Physical Stature

Self-confident people stand a bit straighter, walk with a stronger and a bit faster gait, hold their heads up, look people in the eye, smile, and extend a greeting. When you are alone, practice the physical traits of confident people until you have them pretty well fine-tuned. Then go to work, to that party, or to your class with that stature.

Others will respond to a “physically” confident person – show more respect, listen to that person more, ask for opinions more. And as they do that, your confidence grows.

3. Contribute to Your Community

A huge part of self-confidence is built around a person’s feeling of worth. And there is no better way to increase your sense of self-worth than by giving to others in meaningful ways. This does not mean making a cash contribution to your favourite charity. This means getting physically active in some community organization that does well. Volunteer in some way.

Maybe you can tutor struggling kids at a local community centre; perhaps you can volunteer at your local Salvation Army, or be a Big Sister or Brother. The gratitude and praise you receive will be a huge boost to your self-esteem, and people with high self-esteem are self-confident.

4. Dress for Confidence

Nothing makes a person feel better than having a new outfit – one that is current and that will bring compliments. Do this for yourself on a regular basis. Put it in your budget. If you buy one new outfit or partial outfit (maybe new shoes, shirt, and tie) every month, you will ultimately have a closet full of clothing that you feel good in and that others compliment you on.

This may sound shallow to some, but feeling good about how you look is a huge confidence-builder.

5. Set an Achievable Longer-Term Goal

Maybe you are a student whose grades are not so hot, and you are losing self-confidence in your ability to get that degree. You can set a goal that you will get yourself more organized and improve your study habit this semester.

Maybe you need to lose some weight. Set a goal for the next month that includes the healthier foods you will eat and the small amounts of exercise you will do. Make a grocery list and set a 20-minute period of time each day devoted to simple exercise. Anyone can do something for a month. Once you accomplish that, set your goal for the next period of time. Success begets success!

6. Get a Hobby That You Can Do By Yourself

Is there something you have always wanted to learn or do? Maybe you’d like to learn to draw or paint; maybe you’d like to master a musical instrument. You might like photography or metal detecting, or woodworking. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something you really have an interest in. Pursue that hobby. As you reach that success all by yourself, with no one’s help, you will gain that key – your belief that you are capable of doing those things you want to do.

Even if you only find one or two things on this list that you can put into practice today, right now, you will be on your way to becoming a more confident self.

Don’t settle for less.

Image courtesy of Depositphotos