Being the best boss

Life can be hard at the top. As a leader, you’ll know that keeping the troops happy is essential for a harmonious and effective working team. Running the day-to-day business can often be overwhelming. It’s therefore difficult to act on some of the basic practices which if undertaken will make you the best boss.   In order to get the best out of your team, what follows are some of the basics you will need to get right.

1. Take time to reflect

You must plan time in your busy week to reflect.   Set time aside to think about what you want the company to achieve and how your team can help this to happen.  Running on autopilot is not effective and investing in some time to reflect can really make the difference.  It may feel like wasted time when there’s sales to be made and leads to be followed, but thinking through your strategy can give your team the necessary direction, without which they can be ineffective and unhappy.

2. Be a leader

Lead and they shall follow, but only if they feel inspired to do so.  Set aside regular team meetings where you can convey the company’s future plans. Describe what you are looking to achieve in the long run.  Inspire your team by asking them about their own aspirations.  Help them to develop transferable skills.  Create roles which enable them to really make a difference, feel they add value and they play their part in the success of the company.

Don’t forget to make sure they know how you personally are going to contribute to achieving results and being part of the team.  No team wants to know that they’ll be doing all the hard work while the boss sits back and watches it all happen.

3. Educate your team

Offering training schemes to your team is one of the best ways to help them further themselves within the company, and gain you more qualified staff. Having appropriate knowledge will give them confidence in their role, and help them to achieve their goals within the company. Don’t be afraid to upskill your people because you fear they will leave. Having a reputation for investing in your people is great for your brand.

Giving your team an opportunity to develop is key to ensuring your people know they are valued.  It shows they are vital to the success of your company and able to grow.

4. Create a positive environment

Intend happiness as an outcome when team building and you will find great ways to motivate your team. Intending a positive environment is the hallmark of being the best boss.

There are numerous activities now available which can provide a group with all sorts of fun things to do. Take them out of the office environment they are all so used to working under. Ask your people to pitch in with ideas about how you can better the office space to encourage a more positive atmosphere.

You will be surprised at how much more productive and inspired they feel when they have something fun to work towards.

5. Be a helping hand

As well as creating a positive working environment, there should be a happiness philosophy within the company. This policy encourages an open-door policy for anyone having issues whether it be work or personal.

Ensure that as a business you are up to date with any working laws.    You can offer flexible working hours and create a good work-life balance. Good conditions of employment for all your people are essential.

Offering your team a feeling of security no matter their life situations can provide a team that is loyal to your company.

Being the best boss isn’t always amount money or work perks, being human and honest with your team is where it should all start.

As a freelance writer within the business and marketing sector, I’ve spent many years working alongside SME’s in an effort to grow and boost their business in the new digital age of marketing.