The best web developer is different from the rest

Some doctors are better than others, some dentists are better than others, so why is there a general misconception that all web developers are the same? The reality is that you can train 2 people in exactly the same way so they leave with the same skills and qualifications but when it comes to turning your dreams into reality they can be as different as night and day.

The Customer is Always Right

This old adage is relevant right across the board, even in web development. If you want something changing do they do it with good grace or shoot you down in flames? There needs to be a bit of giving and take on both sides as they are the experts and knows what will work whereas you are the one forking out the cash and deserve to have your say. Fastfwd specialises is a php web development company and have built their reputation on always putting their clients first, just as it should be.

Working for you, or with you?

The answer to this is both. Yes, you have hired them so they are working for you but are they prepared to work with you as well? Are they firing ideas at you but seem to be ignoring your suggestions? These people are not buying into your dream. They have their ideas as to how your website should look, and however good the end product is you won’t like it. Why? Because this is your baby but it has none of your input. You’ve been railroaded and could end up being really unhappy with your website or app, exactly what you don’t want.


So is the company charging £2000 that much better than the one costing £1200? Probably not to be honest. The first company is likely to be long-established and have an enviable reputation but could be very set in their ways and have a tried and trusted formula. They are likely to have a portfolio of regular clients who are happy with the work they produce but does their vision fit your remit? Take a look at that cheaper company. They may be young and dynamic, keen to drum up business and will always put the customer first. Now which one is the best fit for your business?

Going the Extra Mile

Ideally, you want a web developer who will ring you excitedly if they have an idea that will improve things further. They won’t clock off until they have that bit just so. They will be in constant communication keeping you updated and asking questions if they aren’t sure of something. Sound too good to be true? This is actually how most of the new breed of web developers work. They love their work, it excites them, they have all the latest technology at their fingertips. Now THAT’S who I want creating my website!

When you are looking for a web developer to take your imagination and turn it into a tangible website or mobile app, there are several factors you need to consider. We hope that when having looked through our list you will be a lot more confident in engaging the services of the perfect company for you.

My Name is Gloria Brown. I work as a Web Professional since last 4 years in London. I am a part-time blogger and write on the topic of Technology and Travel. I love spending my free time in yoga classes.