For employees, finding a good job can be quite tough. However, for employers, a good employee can be even harder to find. Even then if an employer does find someone that’s excellent, the effort has to be made to keep employees on top of their game and motivated.

How to keep employees on top of their game

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help people remain in the right mindset and ensure that you’re getting as much productivity from them as possible and we’ve compiled some tips. So, here’s how to ensure each employee is performing to the fullest of their ability.

1. Appreciate their ideas

Ensuring employees feel valued and supported for their new ideas is important and giving them a chance to run with what they think will work will motivate them. Empowering people with their own ideas can be a great tool.

2. Minimise boredom

Bored people underperform, so don’t let people become bored or you’ll lose them. Keep employees on top of their game by having push-up contests or a bake-off competition for example. A range of different activities keeps employees interested.  Even if it’s a little off task.

3. Celebrate their personal achievements

Show them you care by celebrating their personal achievements, whether that’s an anniversary, wedding, a new child or otherwise. Be glad for them and let them know you care.

4. Listen to them

When they want to tell you something, make time to listen to them. By taking their concerns on board, you make them happy and also may help solve their concern, which will make them happier in general and also with you.

5. Reward their accomplishments

Give people something for things they accomplish for your business – it can be monetary or otherwise. UK delivery company Whistl’s career focus is on celebrating success. Staff devotion and their employees going the extra mile.

6. Have high expectations of them

Providing clear expectations on what they can and should achieve will encourage them to do just that. High expectations will give them a sense of value and purpose.   Agree on standards and discuss your shared objectives often.

7. Show through example

The greatest gift you can give an employee is to demonstrate what good means.  Showing them how they should act and behave through your own example is a great way to get people to follow suit.

8. Work outdoors

Being in the fresh air is good for the soul.  Allow them to work outdoors when the situation allows. Numerous companies set up rooftop workspaces for sunny days, allowing employees to get out and work.

9. Cherish their creativity

Creativity should be cherished – foster it through encouragement and reward. If people see their creative side is being rewarded they will end up feeling wanted in an organisation and this improves motivation.

10. Give them credit when they do your work

Too often managers will delegate tasks and then take the credit for what they have done.  If they are the one who has done it or achieved it, then credit them in full for what they have done.

11. Shake it up

Doing something a little out of the blue and shaking things up will keep employees at the top of their game by creating stimulation and interest.  Spontaneity is exciting and helps your employees think out of the box.

12. Create traditions

Create traditions around certain things on a yearly basis. Perhaps it’s a fun run or a toy drive or a  bring and buy sale. Having traditions will give people something to look forward to and is motivational.

13. Have a laugh

Laughter brings people together and should be encouraged in the workplace as it lightens moods and creates amazing engagement with others in the team.

14. Be open-minded

There are going to be people in your workplace with all sorts of ideas and thoughts – keep an open mind – they may offer you something very valuable.

15. Treat them as individuals

Remember each person that works for you is an individual and so you need to treat them as such.

16. Practice patience

Be patient and you will see that employees grow and feel cherished.  Feeling good about themselves will keep employees at the top of their game.

17. Stay positive

Creating a positive work environment will ensure that there is no place for negativity and will ensure people work as a positive bunch and achieve.

All of these things will help people feel encouraged and happier at work and are a must for businesses trying to succeed.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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