Headhunter vs recruiter

Is a headhunter different than a recruiter? The answer is yes, a headhunter finds you. If you are headhunted, then the job in question will suit your skills and talents. Some of the best jobs won’t be found online, sometimes you have to wait for them to come to you. You may even be given opportunities that you had never considered. 

Even if you have a job you love, it is always good to be open to new things. You never know what could be out there for you. There may be someone willing to pay more money, offer better hours or give you new avenues to explore. But if you are going to be headhunted then you need to be found and when you are found people need to know what you do and why you would be a fantastic employee. 

Use social media

Have open social network accounts so that people can find you. The best social network account to be headhunted on is LinkedIn. It is an online CV and will allow you to connect with people in a similar industry to you. However, it is important that you have a strong profile and that you stay active on it. You can find advice on creating a good LinkedIn profile here

Depending on what you do, you could also make good use out of Facebook or Twitter. You could also write blog articles that are relevant to your work and share them across social media as a way to get seen. 

But be cautious, employers or headhunters will often search for people before they hire them. Whether you are using your social media for professional reasons or not, don’t post anything which you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. 

Get your CV out there

If you want to be headhunted, make sure your CV is up to date and strong. You may even want to get help with your CV from a professional online. Then make sure your CV is out there to be found. Even if you are not actively looking for work you can put your CV on job websites such as Indeed, Monster, CV-Library, and Reed. Headhunters may use these platforms to search for the right candidates.

Go to events

Find events that are relevant to your line of work – go and network with people. Another good idea is to have business cards handy to give out freely. You can find events on Facebook, Eventbrite, and Google. 

You may even be able to speak at an event. Initially, you could offer this service for free just to get your name out there. 

Get talking to people

Get talking to your networks; online, via email skype calls and out for coffee. Becoming known in the industry could be key. 

If you are approached by a headhunter, speak to them via skype or in-person as soon as you can. Find out about the job even if you don’t think it is right for you. They might know of other roles or it might allow you to gather some good information.

My Name is Gloria Brown. I work as a Web Professional since last 4 years in London. I am a part-time blogger and write on the topic of Technology and Travel. I love spending my free time in yoga classes.