As the UK’s lockdown slowly eases, many companies are reopening their premises and asking staff to return to the office post-pandemic.

With anxiety about the virus still high, many staff might, rightly, be concerned for their safety and that of the people they live with and love the most.

If you’ve been asked to return to the office post-pandemic, then here are 4 practical tips to help you stay safe until a vaccine or cure is produced.

Ask Your Manager About Your Company’s Cleaning Regime

The Coronavirus can live on surfaces for many hours, so your company must commit to keeping your workplace clean and hygienic. Ask your manager about the cleaning practices that your firm has in place, and if these aren’t enough, then work with them to make your workspace clean and safe. Cleaning your office in-house might not be the best solution, as you could inadvertently infect yourself or not clean the space effectively enough. Ideal Cleaning has experienced, professional cleaners with cutting-edge equipment and cleaning products, so they’re the perfect partner to make your office safe again after the pandemic and keep it clean in the future.

Bring Hand Sanitiser And Your Facemask

Even if your company is providing facemasks and hand sanitiser, you should bring your own to the office. That’s because you can guarantee that you’ll always have enough hand sanitiser and that your facemask is clean. Also, cheap facemasks and hand sanitiser won’t be as effective as better brands, so choose your safety products carefully and carry them everywhere you go, including to the office.

Avoid Public Transport Where Possible

Public transport networks remain in operation, but if possible, you should avoid travelling on them. The UK Government recommends only using public transport as a last resort, so try to find alternative ways to travel to and from your office. Even getting a lift with someone you know is safer than taking the bus or train, as you will know that the vehicle is clean and safe. Alternatively, try walking or cycling to work, which will also help you to get active after so many weeks confined to your home with limited options for exercise.

Set Boundaries And Stick To Them

Your colleagues will be pleased to see you after so many weeks apart, but you must remember that just because your office is open again, doesn’t mean that the virus has gone away. Set boundaries with your colleagues and enforce them so that you can keep yourself safe and reduce the spread of this potentially fatal virus. If anyone ignores your boundaries, then be firm with them, and if necessary, consult your manager to make it clear that you will not tolerate anyone touching you or using your belongings without permission.

Returning to the office might seem daunting after the pandemic, but by being sensible and using these tips, you can keep yourself safe and work productively in your office again.

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