Every company has a Human Resource system. Now, HR tech tools have become increasingly important and popular for companies and organizations to have. This is because such tools help the hiring process flow seamlessly while giving an organization a base to work from. To this end, there are tools no company should do without. Here are 6 of such HR tech tools that are worth having.

1. A Recruiting Software 

If this header wasn’t clear enough, or indicative of the purpose it serves, then your company probably needs one more than ever. It’s a tech tool designed to help you get the best out of your recruitment system. It will assess the resumes and cover letters of potential staff without your HR needing to go through everything all at once. Further, such software integrates with your email communication system thus letting you put your company’s job openings out there and on recognized employment platforms.

Furthermore, a recruitment tech is capable of being integrated with your company’s social media profiles. It will also make your company more visible in terms of hiring groups. More so, it helps your HR come up with great ways to boost your company’s workflow process. In all, the hiring process is less tedious with a proven tool for that purpose.

2. Outsourcing Tech 

Most times, the soul of a company or business lies with its ability to outsource jobs. While it’s great to employ experts and other geeks, there’s more to gain from outsourcing some jobs. A tool for such purposes gives you the opportunity to hire someone really good, at a short notice, and with no long-term commitment.

It’s true that outsourcing can be challenging but you’ll save up some money. Also, you get to see the ratings, reviews, and records of freelancers before hiring them. There are tons of platforms to find expert freelancers. The ability to outsource one-time jobs is one you’d want your company and by extension, HR to have.

3. A Cloud-based HR Tech 

Some cloud-based HR management software operates with distinction. With it, your HR gets to manage and organize employee data. What’s more, if you’re running a small or medium business, it can such tech can help look after your affairs. Important aspects of your business or company get covered. They include tracking or leaves for staff, timesheets, custom forms for various uses, performance appraisals, overall performance, etc.

Cloud-based techs are easy to use and carry a lot of primary features that help you automate all your official processes. This includes recruitment and enhanced working experiences. Talk about onboarding and attendance management, and your HR team will have those covered.

4. Employees Assessment Tools 

If you want your company to grow over time, you’ll need a tech tool that makes it easy to keep track of candidate assessments and the processes of applications. If your organization is trying to sift through a raft of information before hiring any applicant, this kind of tool comes in handy. More so, such a tech makes use of a combination of some processes, including Machine Learning and NLP to assemble the right teams for a company.

5. Employee Engagement and Communication Tech 

Sometimes employees need a little space to express themselves. This is especially true when they are unsatisfied or have a bit of a challenge they’d rather speak about anonymously. Your HR team needs a great HR tool to help its employees understand the company’s culture. A workplace is a place of collaborative relationships all geared towards reaching a specific goal(s), or levels of productivity. With this an employee engagement tool, it becomes easier.

This type of HR tech tool is anonymous and presents a platform where your employees can give their thoughts on their experiences so far. Further, you can use it to design custom questionnaires to obtain relevant information about your staff and how to improve their output. Whether you make good decisions to help them grow, or ones that are problematic to them, they’ll let you know.

6. Performance Monitoring and Boosting Tech 

A good performance monitoring tool is described as having a lot of features that include an HR Cloud system that gives businesses the edge and capacity to create, manage and modify their HR processes in an easy and convenient way. There are quite some HR management modules including employee onboarding, performance reviews, applicant tracking and offboarding. Also, sporting a precise and data-driven system, it’s a good fit for managers who need information and data points to make key decisions.

Such a tool comes in handy with a lot of important features. Among them is an automated performance trigger that helps employees that underperform to improve over time. It’s normal for employees to slack off but with this kind of tool, it’s possible to help them come out of the slump. What’s more, top performance monitoring tools work well with third-party software solutions for things like ERP systems and payroll software.


Companies need a lot of stability to reach important goals and objectives. This is why HR tech tools are important and provide much-needed assistance to keep an organization ticking with vital features and solutions. Want to give your company a fair chance to compete and surpass the rest? These 6 HR tech tools are a must-have.

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