Businesses depend on different technologies and a wide range of tools to be as effective and as efficient as possible. However, one tool that many organizations still depend on is a fax machine. The outdated physical fax machines are not quite efficient and can take many hours to operate.  Most of them are even very confusing. Nonetheless, some companies still use these traditional fax machines.  They feel like they have got no other option when it comes to receiving and sending important business documents.

However, that’s not the case because the businesses can switch to an internet fax service, also known as online faxing. Online faxing can help your business speed up compared to conventional fax machines. Here are some of the ways you can improve productivity in your small business with internet faxing.

1. It will help your workers reclaim the time wasted standing next to fax machine

It is hard to estimate the amount of time your workers spend receiving and sending documents using traditional fax machines.  This is without mentioning the time they spend in lines waiting for their turns to fax. When you sum it all, it undoubtedly amounts to a lot of time and energy that your employees could be spending more productively. Using their time other than sitting or standing idle next to a fax machine.

With online faxing solutions, your employees can fax as seamlessly as they email. Your staff will be able to review, sign, edit, receive and send business documents from any internet-connected gadget, even their smartphones. Besides, it also leverages even the most complex encryption and any other security protocols. That’s because these online-based faxes are more secure than the analogue fax transmissions.

2. It is easy to use and fast

Generally, internet faxing services are quicker and simpler to use when compared to a traditional fax machine. You don’t need to dial a number or pick up the phone or even wait for the transmission to begin. Your fax will be sent in a few simple presses or clicks. The ease of use provided by online faxing will allow more individuals to fax without any confusion because internet faxing platforms are typically as simple as sending emails.

Again, they also allow you to send faxes without having to stand or sit around your device, waiting for them to go through. It also allows you to send faxes to many individuals at the same time and sign faxes online, which saves you more time. Apart from saving you time, many internet faxing services enable you to send faxes from any place, using any gadgets as long as it has an internet connection. That is ideal in the digital business landscape, where many individuals are working remotely.

3. It saves your remote employees a lot of time coming back to the office to fax or hunting for supply stores with fax capability

If your company includes field agents or an outside sales team, or you employ trainers, support representatives, or system engineers, they need to fax some documents and report. If these professionals need to communicate with vendors, customers, or other third parties through fax, they perhaps spend a lot of time travelling to and from your business offices to send or receive fax documents. That is especially true with legal and real estate industries. Professionals in these sectors are always in the field.  They often need to receive or send important documents through fax. For those companies who are fax machine-dependent, that presents a big and ongoing inconvenience.

The most immediate and biggest boost in productivity experienced by these businesses once they switch to online faxing platforms like eFax is that they are immediately in a position to respond and receive a fax document regardless of where they are. You don’t have to keep driving back to your office when customers are about to send signed agreements. Adopting internet fax solutions will enable your remote employees to do their work without taking a long detour looking for a place to fax.

4. It makes it easy to organize faxes

Back then, keeping track of all the business documents being received and sent through fax was a challenging task. You had hundreds, if not thousands of papers that need to be organized and stored in an orderly way. Most online faxing services allow you to store your faxes online, which makes it easy to reference or check them when needed. The services assisting you in organizing your faxes will save you a lot of energy and time that you can use to focus on other more important tasks.

Your faxes will also be saved in the cloud, which means that you can access them at any time from anywhere. With many businesses looking to save money and time, and also help conserve the environment by switching to paperless communication, online faxing provides a great solution that enhances productivity.

5. It will make your IT team more productive since they’ll not have to deal with any fax troubleshooting issues

Maintaining your fax hardware can take a lot of energy and time. Your employees in the IT department can reclaim both of them if they are not responding to regular calls to replace the empty toner cartridges, or working on gateway software licenses for your business fax servers.


As you can see, online faxing can help you speed up business operations in your company and increase productivity. There are no limits or incredibly high limits when it comes to the number of times you can receive or send faxes.  This makes it an excellent option for growing businesses. Whether you run a big organization or have a small business, internet faxing can assist you.  You will be able to keep up with your communication needs and optimizing business processes.

When you move your faxing capabilities to an online fax service provider, you’ll effectively hand over all these issues to a reliable business-fax professional. That means you and your employees will find yourselves a lot of free time.  Time to focus on important technology and forward-looking initiatives for your business.

Georgi Todorov is a digital marketer, specializing in Outreach strategies, International SEO and Influencer Marketing. He recently started his own blog about digital marketing called DigitalNovas and joined GetVoip to provide his marketing expertise.