Social Networks can grow your blog traffic

Quality web traffic and organic web traffic are really hard to earn these days. Competition is huge, and people are not interested unless you give them what they want in the first three seconds of their attention. But from time to time, you might as well get what you want and for zero dollars spent. These six free tips will help you grow your blog traffic, and establish social networks of followers. Above all, these tips might even inspire you to come up with something on your own.


1. Facebook Groups

The first thing which I always like to recommend is joining Facebook groups. It’s a quick and easy free way to grow your blog. The only things you need is a Facebook profile and key terms you want to search. And most of us already have that. If used well, they can give a lot of quality traffic to your site. You should join the groups of your own niche, and be really active. If admins see that you’re using the group solemnly for your own promotion, they will gladly block you, or kick you out of the group. Unless, of course, the group is created for promotional purposes only. So, don’t be a spammer.

To start things on the right foot (and promote yourself) you can always write a post of introduction. Saying who you are and what you’re doing. It’s the most honest way to get yourself out there, at least within the group.

2. Facebook Pages

Make a page for your site, and invite people. Make a plan of how you want your page to be perceived by creating a good profile photo and a quality cover photo. You can use sites like Canva for that. Those who you want to provoke into clicking more will come to your site all by themselves, only if you put yourself out there. Connect your page to your site by adding an icon on it. Having an icon on your site (mostly upper corners) is almost an essential, and can be very valuable.

Rarely does anyone trust a website which doesn’t have an active Facebook page? You won’t have a lot of active people from the beginning. But as time passes, your blog will grow. And with that growth, the number of likes will also grow. And you can only guess what grows with those two? That’s right – web traffic.


3. Add People

Add a lot of connections. Your locals will help you build the local online fame you strive for. Word-of-mouth way of promotion, in these cases, happens quite often. These free tips for web traffic growth can only make people in real life to start talking about you! Other than the locals, networking with people around the globe can help you widen your horizons. Be open to people from around the world. I understand that you have a hot area you want to work on, but don’t be afraid to add people who are living on the other side of the world. Their perspectives might open your ways of thinking and inspire you for something new.

4. Contact Them

It’s great to introduce yourself to your connections the moment people accept your request. Knowing who you are, makes them feel more safe and trustworthy towards you. You might even send them your site, so they get the full picture. Now, sending them links to your new posts is not a bad idea. Once every 15 days (which is twice a month) can be productive in establishing networks. Some people might be even more interested in connecting more frequently. Others will just ignore the message, but at least you won’t be labelled with a ‘spammer’ mark on your face. It’s a free way to grow your blog traffic and promote your business. Regarding the topics of the sent link, preferably, they should be the ones in which the audience should be interested. Ask them for their honest feedback.


5. Follow

Well, this is an obvious one. Your Twitter audience is the biggest factor which will help you grow your blog traffic. You cannot grow your Twitter audience if you don’t follow them. Don’t be afraid. Some of the greatest bloggers follow back a lot of their followers. Following more than 100k doesn’t mean that you’re a lame spammer. No, on the contrary. It means that you are working hard to grow your social network, that you’re not buying your followers, and that you actually follow back. These attributes will make your followers like you even more and will try to connect with you. This can be a real free booster for your web traffic.

6. Tweet frequently

Twitter is quantity over quality. Let’s be real – a lot of tweets get lost in the feed going 100 posts per second. The only way people can constantly know what’s happening is if they
a) follow 100 people who tweet rarely
b) are a human reading machine.
So don’t be afraid to post the same article couple of times in one week. It can just help you work your way to your audience, and make your traffic grow.


The list of actions I provided you with is time and energy-consuming, that is true. But they are also free ways to grow your site’s traffic and social networks. Don’t worry, when you get the hang of it – it will become a part of your everyday routine.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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