As an employer, how much time do you spend thinking about the employer-employee relationship and looking for ways to strengthen it? Did you know that a strong and professional relationship can result in better work output and efficiency? It has to do with job satisfaction. It’s no secret that those employees who feel satisfied in their jobs tend to put in a lot more work and effort.  If you’ve been looking for ways to improve the employer-employee relationship so that you can start to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, these actionable tips could be a great place to start.

Create a welcoming space for open communication

The first step to improving the employee-employer relationship is to create the kind of atmosphere where open communication is welcome. Employees should feel comfortable talking to their supervisor or management about any type of issue or complaint they may have, and know that it will be taken seriously and will be addressed.

On the flip side, it’s not always going to be negative feedback; they should also feel secure enough to share ideas, thoughts, and advice that can help the business to be more productive, successful, and efficient.

Use an employee feedback survey

Here’s a great way to get more in-depth feedback from your employees in a way that promotes engagement; an employee feedback survey can shed light on all kinds of issues that you may not have even been aware of.

Take, for example, PxidaTX, which can give you an insight into how your employees feel about the company/business as a whole, as well as you – the employer. With this survey software, you can build the survey yourself, making it highly customizable, and use that information as recommendations on how to improve moving forward.

Ensure employees feel valued and appreciated

Employees also want to feel valued and appreciated by their employers. When they feel this, they are willing to put more effort and energy into their job, which is a win for the company. Let them know their hard work is noticed and appreciated, and that it is contributing to the success of the company.

You may want to make it a habit to recognize employees through a reward or incentive program, a monthly newsletter that recognizes specific employees and treating them to special things such as a free lunch, snacks, or even a half-day here and there.

Consider promoting from within

Employees also like to think they have a promising future with a company, as this is what will encourage them to give their all and stick with that company for the long haul. You can create this sense of loyalty by promoting from within and offering career development training and courses.

Happier employees –  a more productive workplace

By using these tips and advice, you’ll be able to create the kind of work environment where employees feel happier, more satisfied, and are willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra work.

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