When the power of love overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix

A world based on power

In this world, money talks. So does competition and defensiveness.   When governments and corporations make decisions, much of it is about maintaining or gaining power. Often power is sought and maintained in families and community groups.  We will always have our ladder up the wrong wall in this drama called life when we pursue individual and collective power rather than act and live through the power of love. I’m not sure there is a love of power.  I think its more about being driven by fear.  Living in world where trust, faith and love are absent leads to the quest for external power over those perceived threats.

Internal vs external power

When anyone talks about power, I listen intently.  Power means many things. It is one of those words which can be inspiring, loving and liberating.   Taken another way it can mean oppression, threat and containment.  The difference is if someone is talking about internal power or external power.

When someone is talking about power in an external sense, it is about having the power of, or dominion over,  people, situations and things outside of themselves.  People who have external power may be in charge.  They may have a lot of money which gives them the power to buy their way into what they want.

Internal power is about using your own thoughts, feelings and perceptions.  Your beliefs and character to have power over yourself.  This is about true freedom.  It is about being free to make choices about your own life.   This internal power can extend outwards. However, when it does extend outwards it is about extending love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

The power of love

There is always an opportunity to change the flow of life.  If only all worldly problems and decisions were solved with the power of love, we would live in a different and liberating world.

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