Gen Z is growing up fast, and the oldest members of this generation have already begun to explore their careers and land jobs in every field. These workers have grown up working with technology and have valuable skills to offer employers. But how do you recruit the best Gen Z talent?

It’s easy to find candidates for most jobs right now. But if you’re looking for the best young talent, you’ll have to step up your hiring practices and show Gen Z talent why they should bring their skills and insights to your organization over your competitors. Here are 5 tips for recruiting up-and-coming talent.

Already Have Gen Z Employees? Use Them in Interviews! 

If you’ve already managed to recruit some great young talent, use that to your advantage. To attract the best Gen Z talent, you need to understand what their wants and needs are in the workplace. But don’t just talk to your existing young workers about how to bring on more Gen Z talent—actually bring them into interviews!

Inviting your Gen Z employees into interviews has a few different benefits. First, it will show candidates that your organization values young opinions and voices. It will also help to put candidates at ease and allow you to see how they communicate with other young people. And finally, it will allow you to learn more about the communication styles and priorities of Gen Z.

Interviews are intimidating. If your Gen Z candidates think that your organization is stuffy or doesn’t understand their needs, they may go elsewhere. Use your existing talent to help build a young, innovative workforce and culture!

Promote Your Workplace Diversity! 

Members of Gen Z are extremely diverse and they will not tolerate an environment that doesn’t prioritize diversity and inclusion. Workplace diversity starts with hiring, but it can’t end there if you want to create a truly welcoming and supportive environment for all employees.

There’s no one-size-fits-all roadmap to promoting workplace diversity in an organization. Each company will have its own requirements and challenges. However, it’s important for companies to confront policies and practices that might be contributing to a hostile or toxic environment for some employees. It’s also important for hiring managers to confront their own implicit biases so they can prioritize building a diverse workforce.

Provide Educational Stipends & Benefits 

Many members of Gen Z are balking at the high cost of college (and for good reason). The prospect of taking on years of debt is extremely unappealing for young people who are trying to get by in a challenging job market. As an employer, you can bring on promising young talent by not only waiving degree requirements but also offering to shoulder some of the cost of your employees’ education.

While this might seem like a costly way to bring on new talent, it’s important to remember that a degree doesn’t automatically translate to talent. Gen Z workers with lots of promise might be interested in getting an education if it doesn’t come with the price tag. Yes, paying for employees’ education is expensive—but it can pay off in the form of dedicated and loyal workers who continually improve their skills and eventually become even more valuable employees and tomorrow’s leaders.

Develop Clear Career Growth Paths 

Very few young people today envision themselves in the same role for 25 years. Times are changing, and Gen Z workers want to know that they will have opportunities to grow and build a career at your organization. In one study, career growth was the top priority for the majority (64%) of Gen Z candidates.

To attract the best talent, think about growth paths within your organization. If there aren’t clear policies and opportunities for advancement, it might be time to think about creating some so you can attract and retain the best talent.

Personalization is Key for Attracting Gen Z

Because young people have grown up in a world of algorithms, they’re used to a certain amount of personalization in their everyday lives and interactions. Gen Z workers are in high demand right now, and you have to step up your recruitment practices to meet their preferences if you want to compete.

One way to do this is to be communicative and to use marketing tactics to help candidates get familiar with your organization. Add them to your mailing lists and send them relevant content, learn more about what their interests are, and consider sending them personalized “care packages” that speak to them as individuals.

With a new generation on the radar of hiring managers, it’s going to take some time to perfect your hiring tactics. Get ahead of the game by incorporating these tips into your hiring practices so you can beat out the competition and bring on the most talented young workers you can.


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