If you go out looking for friends, they will be scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere

Zig Ziglar

Looking for friends and the law of attraction

There is a simple principle here in this quote which is if you are seeking something to fulfil you, then it’s much harder to find than if you have a desire to be there to help fulfil another.  Stripped back it’s like being a taker or a giver.  People can sense if you are being needy and often this can push them away.  Whereas if you want to help them, they will be drawn towards you.   Underpinning these simple ideas about seeking or helping fits with the basic principle of the law of attraction.   This premise is true if you are either looking for friends or wishing to help others.  Two very different intentions. 

The law of attraction operates on a simple premise.  What you focus on is what manifests in the world.  If you are looking for friends or seeking love, then you are often (not always) focusing on the llack of friendship or love in your life.  Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and your manifestation becomes the lack.  

The intention is key to attracting positive people and situations in your life

However, if your intention is to help and enhance the lives of others, whether they become friends or not you will get a different result.   Friendships will form naturally because people will be drawn to you because you will make them feel supported and good about themselves.  When you genuinely want to help others for nothing in return, then you appeal to the deepest part of them.  People truly know there is no agenda and that they are free to be friends with you or not.  Friendship or love will simply manifest as a result of the friendship and love you offer, no strings attached.  

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