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In our fast-moving world, we rely on technology more and more.  Email, What’s App, and all social media.  We live in an instant world and often we react quickly because it is all too easy to do so.  If you watch the video The Social Dilemma on Netflix you will see how social media and all the ways we communicate have been skewed to have us instantly react to whatever comes up on the screen.  The problem with this is that there is not as much thought in our communications when we do this.  We rush off a quick text without looking at the words and considering how they might be misinterpreted. In this respect.  There is a way however, we can use technology to improve communication.

We think technology is our friend – and it is – but we have to use it slightly differently if we want our communications to be better.  What I have seen in my conversations with my clients as I support them in their work and life through this time, is that many more misunderstandings and misinterpretations are happening.  And this is in both their work and their personal lives.  And there is one simple reason for this.

We nearly always communicate using the written word.

Now that may seem a weird thing to write – of course, we use the written word.  Problem is – words are only 7% of our communication.  So whenever we text or email we are only using 7% of our ability to communicate.   The rest – our body language and the energy with which we communicate gets left out.  So, if you are trying to communicate something that could be easily misinterpreted you can bet your bottom dollar it will be.  Why?

Emphasis is key

Take a look at the following and read it out loud emphasising the word in bold underlined:

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife

I didn’t say he kissed his wife


This is a great example of how emphasis is key to communication.  And when you write something to someone they will add their own emphasis, more often than not looking for something wrong because that’s what we do as human beings – look for what is wrong.

Using the phone

So how do you get over this?  Simple.  The way to use technology to improve communication is to use the phone!  Whenever you have something you need to say, be it a request that you feel someone might push back against, feedback, a query about what they are doing, anything that might contain a trigger for misunderstanding – pick up the phone!  And this is true personally as well and professionally.

This is crucial, particularly as at work we have been denied the informal chat at the coffee maker, the ‘Oh whilst I’ve got you can I just ask…” as we bump into them in the corridor.  All these informal meetings that used to sort out so many simple problems and requests have turned in to emails, often cc’d with others, that turn molehills into mountains.  And personal life has become so full that often, especially between parents,  life is managed via text and it can become impersonal and easily misinterpreted.

Relationship rescue

So please, for the sake of your relationships – both work and personal – use the phone for any communication that could be hovering over a minefield.  Better yet get on a video call.  Let them see your body language and see your demeanour.  In that way, they get everything on the communication scale.

But this takes more time I hear you say.  Yes, an initial conversation may take more time but it will be done and dusted and over.  It will save you time.  Send an email or a text that then gets misunderstood and it will run and run like a good play in the West End or Broadway and it might even turn into a murder mystery!  Added to that, if you have to speak to someone you will stop and think what and how you wish to communicate.  It won’t be a hurried text message whilst your mind is elsewhere.  It will be more carefully considered and you will be able to handle any misunderstandings at that moment. Pure gold dust.

So there you have it, a simple way to use technology to improve communication in the right way! I wish you good clear communications, peaceful days and no murder mysteries!

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