Poor management practice has been around for years

For years there has been an outcry about poor management practice.  Managers are often the most maligned people in an organisation.  However, what I don’t understand is most leaders and managers have their own line managers.   So those with poor management practice are led and managed by more senior leaders and managers.  So, what is happening?  Why aren’t they being called to account by those who are senior?

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Amazingly enough, quite often those leaders and managers are good at managing the work and so get “good enough” results which frankly keeps the heat off them, The fact the team are unhappy, not enthusing or facilitating great results is not recognised.

Often, they are within budget or meeting targets and, therefore, there is no financial pressure to do something startlingly positive about their poor management practice.

Poor Management Practice - People Development Magazine

There is no need for organisations to put up with poor management. It only takes an organisation to get clear and get tough and the problem could be gone forever.  It is quite unforgivable to let this situation carry on for any length of time.

Effective leaders and managers

Effective leaders and managers, who manage other leaders and managers, simply do not tolerate poor leadership or management practices.

They understand leaders and managers are there to manage the work.  Also they know those leaders and managers have to facilitate results through their team.  They know they must have great people skills and have the right amount of knowledge, skill, and expertise to be able to achieve great outcomes.  Their people must have a positive experience as a result of their management. 

They reward leaders and managers for what their team achieves. While they reward individuals, they realise the biggest impact is through teamwork.

They will call them to account on excessive absence, poor employment feedback surveys or high levels of complaints because they know that these are indicators that the team could be doing better, even if they are doing “just good enough”.

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