Managing a team efficiently can be a rigorously challenging task but not impossible. As a leader, your responsibility is to ensure that your team works together towards a common goal. To ensure it is continually motivated to perform better. To lighten up your burden a little, we have come with a list of some awesome ways to motivate your team. So, without any delay, let’s quickly dive into it.

Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals will enable your team to be aware of their responsibilities and prioritize the work accordingly. It is very critical for you as a manager to set realistic goals to motivate your team. Make sure that you assign work depending on the employee’s potential so that they can do it without any delay.

Goals that are neither attainable nor realistic are difficult to achieve. They make it more complicated for you to manage your team effectively. When you clearly define the expectations, employees will be able to plan, analyze, and prioritize their tasks better.

Give Them the Opportunity to Grow

Consider your employee growth as important as your company growth. It will not just help in instilling trust but also act as one of the key motivating factors for them to form better. Your employees will feel more valued when you consider their career growth important.

If one of your employees is good at helping his colleagues and managing his responsibilities efficiently at the same time, with some training and grooming, you may want to consider recommending him to move to a higher level where he can focus more on his people management skills. This will change their mindset from “just a job” to “a potential career”!

Promote Transparency

Facilitating a transparent work environment is not just significant for your team but the organization as a whole. Whether it’s about the goals you set up or the insights of business, employees are entitled to be aware of these important aspects.

Incorporate appropriate tools and technology that allow your employees to view and access all the related information. These tools,  such as project management software, performance management software, or an HR software as a whole, will make it easier for your team to keep track of their tasks, time spent on it, the goals to be achieved, and so on. You can directly login and check the status of the project without waiting for your team to provide an update on it!

Offer Flexibility

Flexibility has become one of the key factors for candidates across the globe to analyze and rethink their decision to join the company. In fact, a Forbes Study reveals that 46 per cent of the employees feel that the flexibility factor majorly influences them while searching for a job.

While the evolution of technology has made it seamless for us to connect and work from literally anywhere in the world. And with reference to the current pandemic situation, employees do not just have to concentrate on the official work but are also entitled to various personal responsibilities as well towards their families. Offering them the flexibility or different schedules will enable them to work according to their convenience and be productive instead of just struggling to complete the work in a fixed schedule.

Recognize Their Efforts

Recognizing the efforts of your employees or team is the most compelling way of motivating them to continue working at the same pace. It is natural for anyone to expect a token of appreciation when they go out of their way to achieve something, and as a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are acknowledged for the time and effort they put in to bring success to the organization.

Even if it is as simple as helping out a fellow colleague to resolve an issue or coming up with innovative process improvement ideas, make sure you appreciate them.

Bottom Line:

It is high time that the organizations realize that employees expect much more than a salary hike. It is the work environment, growth opportunities, and the recognition that will help them be motivated to be more productive towards their work. When you work together with a constantly motivated team, you are on your way to attaining great heights in the future.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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