We love writing great articles and sharing them with our audience.  Our topics range from Personal Growth to People Development, from Leadership to Human Resources.  We also share articles on Business too.  There are two ways people can source and access our articles.  One is through a search engine, where a reader is looking for something specific and Google or Bing delivers them one of our articles.  The other is when readers see something that takes their fancy across our Social Media platform.  So collectively, our most popular articles are a result of you our readers searching for them, or they have taken your fancy in your social media feed.

So we thought we would celebrate you and our brilliant authors by highlighting the 10 most popular articles for 2020.  We hope you enjoy them!

1. How To Find Reliable Information On The Internet

Most Popular Articles - People Development Magazine

Author: Rick Riddle

Twitter @rickrddl

While it shouldn’t be a surprise given anyone interested in people development will be looking to see how they can find reliable information on the internet.  Rick’s article has consistently reached our top five with some 30k views.

Rick’s article goes to the heart of what “reliable” means, looking at factors such as author credentials, quality of the website, and how the information you are seeking links with what the information provider is selling.   A good guide for anyone wanting to check out the information they are sourcing across the web.

2. 7 Essential Steps To Create A Winning People Strategy

7 Ways to Create A Winning People Strategy - People Development Network

Author: Christina Lattimer

Twitter @pdiscoveryuk

There isn’t that much out there about how to write a people strategy, yet it’s a vital activity for businesses to put people at the heart of the organisation.   Here are some helpful steps which you can follow to make sure your strategy includes all it should.

3. 10 Ways To Be An Effective Change Champion

Most Popular Articles - People Development Magazine

Author: Julie Gordon

Twitter @juliegordon16

In the words of John Kotter, the main issue for leaders is not carrying out Change, it is the sheer amount of Change they have to contend with. There is not one business or individual in the land who is not involved in some type of Change. It’s not difficult to understand then, that one of our most popular articles is all about Change.  These tips from Julie Gordon about the attributes needed in someone who champions Change is essential reading.

4. Organizational Strategy and Human Resources

Organizational Strategy and HR Strategy - People Development Network

Author: Tasneem Hameed

Twitter @taseed

Human Resources practice must align with organisational strategy.   In this article, Tasneem sets out some of the activities undertaken by HR to underpin any business strategy. He also covers why HR is so important in their role within a business.

5. 7 Essential Traits of Inspirational Leadership

Most Popular Articles - People Development MagazineAuthor: Frederika Roberts

Twitter @Frederika_R

“If you don’t inspire your teams to achieve greatness, you’re not a leader, you’re a manager, at best”  That is the test Frederika challenges all leaders with.  How are you inspiring your teams?  Are you an inspirational leader? Here are 7 essential attributes of leaders who inspire their teams.

6. 5 Essentials for Developing People

5 Essentials for Developing People - People Development NetworkAuthor: Oliver Christen

Twitter @PEAQPartners

Oliver explores the reasons why you should develop people in your organisation.  Many business leaders question whether if they spend time and resources on developing their people and they leave, then what is the return on investment?  Oliver tackles this by setting out ways people development should be approached.

7. The 12 Emotional Stages of Change

The 12 Emotional States of Changei - People Development NetworkAuthor: Robin Hills

Twitter @ei4change

Articles about emotional intelligence are popular but when you combine EI with Change then it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular articles.  Robin goes into a great deal of depth about the Change process and the emotions involved in each stage.  A must-read for anyone wanting to manage people through Change.

8. The Impact of Technology on Leadership

Most Popular Articles - People Development MagazineAuthor: Holger Arians

Twitter @pldxorg

There is no doubt that very few organisations can exist without technology.  Corporations and big business include technology at the heart of their operating and planning for the future.   The question about how Technology impacts on Leadership is so pertinent.  Holger sets out some pointers for leaders in how they should lead differently in a world of technology.

9. Self-Awareness in the Workplace

self-awarenessAuthor: Julie Gordon

Twitter @juliegordon16

Julie’s article on Self-awareness is our overall most-read article of all time.  I think this is indicative of how people are keen to explore self-awareness and learn about themselves.  Pointing to research that most successful companies have employees who have fewer blind spots, Julie sets out 4 simple but effective ways anyone can increase their self-awareness.

10. 5 Characteristics of An Open-Minded Leader
5 Characteristics of an open-minded leader - People Development Magazine

Author: Christina Lattimer

Twitter @pdiscoveryuk

You just know when you meet someone open-minded.  Even better when that open-minded person is your leader. So what do we mean by open-mindedness?  Here I set out 5 traits which are noticeable about open-minded leaders and how they put you at ease, accept you and know how to get the best out of you.

So there are our 10 most popular articles for 2020.  Do you have a favourite article in the magazine?  If so, do let us know.

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Most Popular Articles - People Development Magazine

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