The empowering energy of gratitude

Every day I celebrate the energy of gratitude. Beyond the usual musings on it, I bring my consciousness to gratitude through awareness.  As the year draws to a close, we are entering the celebratory end of the year. So much of the “noise” is hype, and it’s difficult to escape it. The good news is that gratitude is a year-round attitude.

First, please allow me the assumption that energy vibrates throughout the universe, like microwaves and colours.  Given that premise, gratitude is also a vibration. It is powerful and can be magnetic. Like all things molecular, there are positive and negative charges to things. Although visually unseen, we can view the manifestation of gratitude. We know it when we see it! We recognize it in others.


Since gratitude is a state of mind, I don’t just air it out at the year-end holiday times. I invoke it toward shifting my personal views or clients’.

In coaching, we often use perspectives as tools. When a client comes to a session, they are in a perspective. Often, they need to shift to a different perspective to fully realize what they want or what action to take. It is magical because it works. Sometimes, changing a perspective is as simple as walking around your chair or sitting in a different position, or doing something out of your routine. Whatever the mechanics, gratitude works similarly.

Often, viewed in terms of blessings, gratitude is an awareness of one’s state of being. It can reflect what resources, conditions, feelings, and people are involved in our spheres. It can manifest in sharing and wanting to give from a spiritual or soul place of abundance. (It’s difficult to give to another from scarcity.)

How to invoke the energy of gratitude

Many attribute gratitude to luck rather than intention, reviewing the path of preparation and diligence of being prepared to receive and achieve. The power is in the actions we carry out toward our goals. That’s why I believe so much is said about the journey, not the destination! I’m grateful when I have the energy to see my actions through.

When we don’t take things for granted or entitled, we have heightened awareness that the energy of gratitude is in our lives. It opens us to share and makes room to receive more.

I find the little things can be filled with gratitude and celebrating them. They are more abundant, therefore, can raise our awareness more frequently. For example, going to the dog park with my beloved American Eskimo, is joyful for me. It is an actual feeling and brings me calm and serenity. I store it up for a time when I need it to remind myself of my blessings.

Benefits of Living in Gratitude

1. Gratitude is humbling

This is true especially when we realize how precious life is. For me, I want to honour life and “show up” for my family, friends, clients, and strangers as my best self. That can be hard when a surly waitress comes to the table, for example. In such a case, I make an extra effort to understand she may have had a disastrous phone call or was up all night with a sick relative. Then, I shower her with kindness and call her by name. Amazing how this turns the energy of the situation around.

2. Gratitude is non-competitive

It thrives in abundance and never runs out. Dropping one’s competitive drive to one of understanding and service works wonders! I only compete with myself to improve what can be.

3. Gratitude can be a compass

When we are self-aware and understand the impact we have on others, gratitude can guide us to higher ground to be our higher selves. It can shift our intentions while it opens doors and improves our likeability factor! Not to be dismissed, our likeability factor can be the difference between being hired, a photo finish in a race, or positioning in one’s career.

Be Still

we must stop swirling in our lives long enough to observe and to listen to the vibrations around us. Once we are still, the energy of gratitude in our lives can manifest, and we can enjoy what it brings.

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

This article was updated in November 2020

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