Changing our approach to the workplace

There are many factors which impact on how we work. In this article, we look at not only workplace culture but also on building a culture of resilience and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

The way we think about the workplace has changed forever and many would say ‘about time.’

The Work From Anywhere (WFA) way of work-life was inevitable in the face of digital.  COVID has merely acted like the coin in the ‘coin nudging machine.’ Giving us all the nudge we needed to catch up with exponential technology change. Only, while it may have helped us wake up to the power of mass disruption, we still have a long way to go before workplace culture is fit-for-purpose in the digital age.

The question is, does this mean we need to reimagine the approach we keep our people motivated, resilient and well?

Of course, it changes the approach we take. As tempting as it is, it is not a case of just throwing more technology at the problem. Thinking this will make things more efficient and effective. The objective is not to make an outmoded approach more efficient but instead, build from the ground up with exponential change in our mind.

Personal and professional development

One thing this pivot requires is a whole new paradigm shift in how we approach personal and professional development. Here we must shift the culture from doing the thinking for our people’ to ‘facilitating them to think for themselves.’ In the digital workplace, the onus of responsibility for learning and wellbeing must sit with individuals. As we know, the role of the leaders and HR/learning practitioners is to create the environment and provide people with the tools to enable this to happen.

Given where we are, a great place to start is with resilience and emotional wellbeing. This is a red-hot topic since COVID reared its ugly head. What has become apparent is the importance for us all to build up our personal and collective endurance to weather the storm. And the storms ahead. It has shown us that without resilience and emotional wellbeing, we do not have much to offer anyone. Furthermore, without each other, we can become weaker and even irrelevant.

Transformation from the inside-out

The impact of exponential change has not even hit us yet, but it will. We have been given the opportunity to build a culture that transforms from inside-out. In other words, it starts with transforming how people think and from there it scales, like a human assembly line in the cloud. This is an assembly line where people are inspired to share learning, ideas and create new knowledge, together. Creating an infinite chain of innovation and production. We must make sure our human assembly line in the cloud is well-oiled and maintained, or it will break down. The great news is, this does not require an office building. But it most definitely does require a strong workplace culture that is original, inspirational, adventurous, psychologically safe, and supportive.

Before COVID a Harvard Business Review report noted: the effects of poor health cost US companies more than £200 billion year on year.

In the digital workplace, this may not just cost companies money, the effects of poor health could cost them their business.

Resilience and emotional wellbeing

When we look at resilience and wellbeing as the glue that bonds our WFA organisational culture together, we can see a whole new opportunity. Building a resilient and emotionally well workforce allows people to step into the future. A future that whatever happens, they are well equipped to navigate their way safely through the journey. 

At the Virtual Coffeehouse, we have been keeping ourselves very busy during the crisis. We’ve undertaken heaps of research and development into the whole subject of building a resilient workforce; Tied in with creating a scalable learning culture. One thing became apparent: these two things are inextricably linked.

I want to share the Bambu Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing whitepaper with you. In this guide I take you through the new methodology and the rationale behind it. This is a method designed to help leaders to systematically create a culture that enables people to thrive through disruptive change.

Fi Hills

Download the Bambu whitepaper…

Resilience-and-emotional-wellbeing-whitepaper (

As a master facilitator, experienced group coach, design, and innovator in digital L&D practices, London based Fi has been successfully transforming behaviour and culture for the past 15 years.

As an innovator in learning and culture change, she is recognised as the ‘teacher of teachers’ in transformation. The creator of Cafe Style learning, a bite-size experiential learning methodology that is proven to accelerate learning in organisations across Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.  She has now digitised her method to support the exponentially changing workplace.

Her trail-blazing new method of digital scalable microcoaching is now delivered through a coach in your pocket app, housing transformational programmes for leaders and staff. Used for development, resilience, and wellbeing it is getting great results, allowing organisations to digitise and scale coaching in just minutes per day.

Her latest innovation, the Virtual Coffeehouse app to help organisations digitise, blend and scale coaching, build resilience and an emotionally fit workforce.

Fi has worked extensively to support both public and private sector organisations in the UK and Internationally. Her clients have included: Deutsche Bank India, BT, London Borough Lambeth, Royal Borough of Kingston, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, NHS, Durham Police, Northumbria Police, New York Life, Legal and General, Department of International Trade, Employsure, Gemini Parking Solutions, Energy Saving Trust, Kent Police, London & Quadrant and many more.

“Fi herself is a fireball of energy and wisdom What’s great is that she gets to know all of the individuals, working with deep attention from within, not just delivering another standard package. Her events are lively, energetic, and fun! Fi is a fireball of energy and wisdom whose personality drives that fun and engagement. A delight, fun, engaging and touching experience”

– Rob Chorley – Legal and General