Dealing with fear

You will never be free from feeling fearful at some time.  You can’t really become fearless.  It is impossible for you to have no fear at all.  For anyone who finds fear paralysing,  this might not seem like good news.   But in fact, by acknowledging how you feel and doing something positive about it, you can learn to conquer fear.  Everyone has fears and anxieties. It is how an individual deals with their fears that sets them apart.

The impact of fear

Fear has the ability to immobilize even the most confident person. This anxiety can spread doubt and worry into all our actions. Fear can dampen our excitement, diminish our spirit, and turn us into an unrecognizable person. If your fear is preventing you from enjoying wonderful relationships or living/working in loving, exciting or inspiring environments then it is time to learn how to deal with your fear.

Conquering fear

The key is not to try and be fearless. We need to work to conquer fear.  Whether its a fear of public speaking, performance reviews or asking that special someone out on a date, you need to realize that the end result is worth your effort to overcome your fear.

Though there are dozens of fear defeating techniques, here are some simple and effective ways to overcome your fear.

1. Set a goal

If you find yourself shying away from setting goals which honour you, then you are likely letting fear drive you.  Your goal has to be more important to you than your fear.   Recognising ambivalence when setting goals should set off a red alert.  You need to list all the reasons why you must achieve your goal.

Once you decide the end goal is more important than your fear, you have taken a huge step towards achieving your goal. We have to remember that fear is more about the negative chatter in your head. 94% of everything we fear will never come to fruition. It is all in our heads and when this realization happens, it makes dealing with that fear much easier.

2. Deal with the What if’s

Ask yourself, what’s the worst possible outcome of this situation? You may have never articulated your worst fears and often we are afraid to in case they might come true.   But you need to articulate your worst fears to be able to conquer fear.  Exploring your worst fears can be really scary, but if you lay them out, then you can begin to deal with how you would cope if the worst happened.  However, you must never simply explore your fears without taking the next step. This step is vital to give you much-needed perspective and should leave you feeling much more positive.

3.  Finding ways to cope

Once you’ve articulated exactly what you fear, then ask yourself, can I handle it? More often than not, you can not only handle any bad outcomes, but you will be stronger for having to deal with them. And the great thing to realize is that you most likely will never have to deal with it! Once you overcome your fear and move forward you’ll realize that that fear was probably unrealistic. Following through in the face of fear can be quite a lot easier with this sense of perspective. Think optimistically about the outcome and positive things usually happen.

4. Refocus on your goal

Having faced your worst fears and explored how you could cope if the worst did happen, then you need to swiftly refocus on what you want.   Now you’ve dealt with your fears this should be a lot easier.   Don’t buy into any negativity that swims around inside your mind. Be optimistic, be positive, and be awesome! Tell yourself you CAN achieve your goals and you can move from your current situation.

Facing fears can be tricky, but the sense of freedom when you conquer fear is enormous.

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Josh is best selling author, enthusiasm coach, and personal development speaker and trainer. He empowers high potential individuals with the tools to become authentically successful by helping them rediscover their passion and enthusiasm in their daily lives.