You can use the power of your mind to create success

Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create our own reality and state of being. Successful people understand this and use this information to their advantage. For many years, I carried out my life on autopilot.  I didn’t consciously understand that those negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings were significantly impacting the reality I experienced. The power of your mind is more significant than you think.

It was when I reached the lowest point in my life when I seemed to lose everything, I began to become conscious.  I realised how my internal dialogue, beliefs, and emotional turmoil were actually closely aligned with my experiences.  I could observe how the power of your mind was significant.

Once I grasped that connection and understood that my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs were actually creating my life.  I knew I could change the way I thought, felt and believed.  It was then life change significantly for me.

For many years now, I have seen the same phenomena with my clients and people in my life.  People who have managed to change their experience and reality by changing the way they perceived life.  By doing so they opened up to the many possibilities available to them.

Science is opening up possibilities

Once you grasp this new paradigm,  you understand that the world is not doing anything to you.  You are the one, via the power of your mind, who is creating your world. The concept of cause and effect is turned upside down. The revelation is completely empowering. Science is backing up this new paradigm in two ways. Quantum Science is showing that our actions and energy affect everything.  It suggests we are all connected, being made of the same stuff, just in different masses. Secondly, Bruce Lipton in his ground-breaking book “The Biology of Belief “contends our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs affect every cell in our body. As our cells take in and react to the information we give them.

Becoming conscious is mandatory

As a precursor to using the power of your mind to create success in your life, you need to begin a journey.  The journey is to become conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This can take some time. For me, it is a lifetime’s journey. If you are anything like I was in my earlier years, you may very well be on autopilot.  Changing this means developing mindfulness and some reflection. Once you are able to identify how you are creating your world, currently, you can use the following ways to use your mind to create a different and successful reality.

Change Limiting Beliefs

You know you’ve hit a limiting belief if you want something and you experience conflict.  You don’t feel you can achieve it. I worked with a client who loved his sales role and was successful in many areas of his life. He always exceeded his sales targets.  Although he was frustrated because year after year he only attained 10% of his quota. It was impressive stuff, but he couldn’t understand how he kept sticking at this level. After a couple of sessions, it turns out from earlier experiences at work he had developed a limiting belief which was holding him back from rising above this level.  Once he became aware of his unconscious belief he was able to turn it around as he looked for evidence that the threshold he had perceived as a limit could be overcome.

Use Your Imagination

Imagination is the creative seat of our mind. The famous quote made by Napoleon Hill “What the mind can believe, it can achieve” is mentioned in this short article, which acknowledges that science is beginning to support the use of imagination as a means of creating a better future.

We often think of using our imagination as a futuristic activity, a pastime of fantasists like the Walter Mitty character, who waste time dreaming as an escape from the world. Or we think of creative artists or performers. The truth is, we are all using our imagination, at all times, though, even if it is too look at the images of the world we see on a day to day basis and recreate them.

To actively use our imagination to consciously create a future reality is one which isn’t always done positively. Quite often we use our fearful imagination to create a future we do not want.

Consciously using imagination to create a vision for your future is like setting your personal SAT NAV, with the voice giving the directions, is your intuition. If you put in the postcode, your vehicle will automatically take you to your destination. It might take you down a few scary country roads when you might doubt the efficiency of the route, but if you don’t interfere, and listen if you take a wrong turn, then you will get to your destination.

The concept of changing your limiting beliefs and using your imagination is quite an easy one.  Putting it into practice is more challenging, but it can be done, you simply have to keep your mind open to possibilities.

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