Why you need to improve your thinking skills

Not many of us really contemplate the way we think or how our habitual patterns of thinking are formed. But the deepening understanding of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics is revealing exactly why you need to improve your thinking skills. Your thoughts actually impact the world around you, alter your moods and determine the quality of your life.

In my experience, my thinking patterns have evolved over time. At first, I developed thinking skills to order my mind and live my life in a more constructive way. However now I know that the consequences of learning to improve your thinking skills are the key to creating your own reality. That’s a pretty big shift.

You need to improve your thinking skills on your spiritual journey

In my experience and on my spiritual journey, developing my thinking skills has been crucial. A spiritual journey involves consistently opening one’s mind and overcoming limiting beliefs. Believing you are a spiritual being experiencing life in a physical body rather than the other way round is a pretty big leap and means you have to think differently.

A Course in Miracles tells us we must choose between two thought systems. The first is that of the ego and the belief we are all separate in a “dog eat dog” world. The second thought system which is available to everyone is that of the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self.  I like to think of these thought systems as “not love” or “love”. Whichever we choose to attach to and believe entails a choice.

How to improve your thinking skills

In order to improve your thinking skills, you need to understand the purpose of your thinking. You must be able to appreciate the possibilities which are open to you when you bring your thinking under control.

Most of us have been conditioned to choose to live largely with the ego thought system or “not love”. This means we allow thoughts of division, scarcity, fear and limitation to make our decisions. For every single person the alternative which is of “love” our higher thought system is available to us. To think with our higher thought system takes effort, focus and a constant deliberate choice. If you are able to improve your thinking skills sufficiently to think this way then you are living in the realm of unity, abundance, love and limitlessness. This is what is meant by building your spiritual muscle.

Key principles

There are some key principles that will help you to understand what you can choose to adopt when you are learning to improve your thinking skills on a spiritual journey.

  1. Thoughts actually create your reality.
  2. You can choose between thinking with “love” or “not love”. Or in other words your ego or your higher self.
  3. Thoughts that are constantly repeated, and you become attached to, become beliefs. To change your beliefs you just need to detach from them.
  4. You are not your thoughts, you are the observer of your thoughts.
  5. At any time you can choose which thoughts you want to connect with,  and ignore those with which you don’t want to associate.
  6. You can change the way you think to improve your experience.
  7. The negative chatter in your head is not really you and you can choose to ignore it.
  8. How you interpret your experiences will create your reality but there may be alternative conclusions to arrive at.
  9. Perceptions are conclusions you have arrived at which can differ from person to person. Therefore you can consciously change your perceptions and in turn, change your world.
  10. The way you think will impact your emotional state and so a positive shift in your thinking will positively impact your state of being.

What principles do you subscribe to when improving your thinking skills on a spiritual journey?

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