How to increase your leadership effectiveness

Have you ever sat in a meeting that starts spiralling down into a pit of despair? Or walked into a room or business where you have just felt the negative energy? If you have, you know how hopeless you can feel in those situations. Perhaps the real part of that feeling is that sometimes you don’t notice it until it dissipates or until you leave when a collective “Ahhhhhh” seems to eke out of you and those around you. You need to be tuning into vibrational energy to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Pay attention

By tuning into vibrational energy in a meeting, you can increase your leadership effectiveness. The energy we bring to a situation mixes with the energy of all of those we come into contact with. I tend to run at a pretty high vibrational energy. You know the type. Glass more than full, there has to be a positive side, let’s look-at-this-objectively type of person. I get called pollyanna at times. Part of it is my nature, but part of it is intentional. It is how I want to show up.

Here’s the truth of the matter. People like to know your story. They want to know what makes you tick. But they don’t want to be dragged through your mud every single day. They don’t always want to hear about what is wrong.

What is energy telling you?

When you are a leader, it is crucial to know how to read the energy of a room and be able to decipher what it is telling you. In a recent meeting, I attended, the energy started racing in a negative way. It was probably not unlike many others like it all over the world. The people in the meeting are facing great changes in their industry. Things are moving so quickly that a year was compared to that of a dog’s life, equal to seven. This means changes to their livelihoods, their culture of business and more importantly, their bottom line. I am sure that you can relate to it. When your pocketbook is involved, you tend to take things pretty seriously.

Feeling tension

Needless to say, it was easy to feel the tension in the room. So what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?  The first thing to do is try to elevate yourself above it. Can you step back to take the 10,000-foot view? Ask yourself what is really happening? What is the key issue?

In this example, there needed to be some clear communication from leadership that while change is inevitable, it can be “managed”. That is exactly what they did. They communicated to the group that they are prepared for the changes. They have put systems in place to minimize the effects and they will be supportive through the processes.

But as we all know, change isn’t a one-time thing. The world is constantly changing, now more rapidly than ever.

So the second thing to do is work at becoming resilient. There are many lists on how to do this but as leaders, I feel the most effective is to be proactive and start moving.

Fear of change

Do something, even if it is small. One tiny step can give you back your power. Even if it isn’t the best step, you will then have gained insight into the correct direction to go. By being proactive – we can set the tone, the energy, of how we want this to go.

Lastly, pay attention to energy. I know it is a soft topic and hard to grasp. But by doing so, you will start to become a more intuitive leader. Feel what it is telling you. Become an explorer, a scientist, a researcher. Ask questions of yourself and others to get to the root cause of the bad juju, to begin solving problems and gaining momentum, you need to know what needs to be solved. This is where the technique of the 5 Whys comes in handy.

And realize, that your energy feeds into the group. With that in mind, let me ask you, “How do you want to show up?” Are you tuning into vibrational energy when needed?

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