Each and every product you find on store shelves was delivered on pallets. Although there are several pallet types, one of the most common is plastic pallets.

Whether you are opening a brand new store or moving an existing one, these pallets are ideal when shipping your stuff, from clothes over gadgets to furniture. Wondering why so? We invite you to keep reading.

They are specifically designed for both extreme durability and space efficiency. Besides those benefits, we have pulled together a couple of more advantages that plastic pallets have to offer over other types.

Super light and thus easy to transport

We are pretty sure that you are looking for an additional way to cut your shipping and handling services expenses. The good news is that plastic pallets are far way lighter than others, on average about one third.

The math is simple, regardless of your ordering, whether it is 500 pounds or 100 pounds of products, you will save over 30% on shipping and transporting if products are on plastic pallets. If you want to take a look at some of the benefits of using plastic pallets check out Reusable Transport Packaging.

They take less space

One of the grates advantages of plastic pallets is that they are not thick as wooden ones. Wooden pallets have to be stacked, one on top of each other. This takes a lot of space and makes shipping and transport expenses greater.

On the other hand, plastic pallets don’t have to be stacked.

They are extremely durable

You can rest assured that your plastic pallets won’t break – the others will. Along with that, there is no chance that plastic will splinter. Even if the transport is rough, they will handle it.

It is an eco-friendly solution

Plastic creates less waste because it is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled over and over. When other types of pallets get damaged, they are either burned or tossed into a junkyard.

They are easy to clean and hygienic

Compared to wood, plastic pallets won’t attract termites, which could be completely devastating for your company, especially if it is dealing with a lot of products. Just imagine what would happen if bacteria or fungus spread all over your products?

As a matter of fact, they are also easy to clean. All it takes is to spray them with a water hose. 

They are more flexible

Besides plastic offers durability, it also offers flexibility. You can accommodate different types and sizes of goods within one single pallet.

They are easy to handle and safe

As we mentioned, plastic pallets don’t have nails, sharp edges, and splinters. And what’s even more important, goods are protected from damage.


Plastic pallets don’t have nails, annoying sharp edges, and are super light.

All in all, with plastic pallets, you can have complete peace of mind coming from the fact that your shipping concerns are absolutely met without eating away your budget.

Last but not least. Once you try plastic pallets, you will find out why they are the most popular ones among business owners.

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