It’s not easy to make decisions when you are asleep.  Just as it’s difficult to formulate and ask yourself the right questions when you need to raise your awareness.  This article is about helping you to create the inner space to ask questions which will enable transformation.

Where is my inner space?

Therefore, there is the question: “Where is my space and am I there?” is what we will explore today.

As you read these lines, reading deeply and seeking understanding while reading, a small corridor of awareness opens up for you. You become aware of a part of you that is completely closed from growth. This part of you that can be described as a corridor of fears,  has long been overgrown with dilapidated reactions, the same patterns of behaviour, the same daily routine: from morning coffee to work, from lunch to leaving work, from dinner to sleep and again every day searching for stores, employers, partners, exquisite highly seasoned food, drinks that lead to even more powerful addictions and fears. This is not what life was meant to be, this is not life, it is being asleep.

How can you create a space for life – not sleep

The creation of new parameters of life can be put into the canvas of renewal. You can carry out an analytical review of the day. Then you can change your habitual responses and adopt a new regime and a new flow of energies.  You can start the change by asking these questions:

  • How and with whom would I like to communicate tomorrow?
  • What exactly would I like to eat or drink?
  • What kind of treatment do I need as an alternative one?
  • How can I replace the existing type of healing techniques, which did not lead me to health, to happiness, to filling with energies, to a more colourful life?
  • How much do I want all of these?

By creating your day, you create the preconditions for the formation of new energy which flows around you, bringing renewal and a change in direction.   A special type of parameter “fence” appears for you which helps you live your day safely and more productively.

By the word “fence” we mean protection from penetration by destructive energies and therefore can be transformative.

Only you can bring renewal of life

Creating a space is painstaking and diligent work.  The ability to create that space needs strong people with fight and stoicism.  Are you ready to withstand the storms of change and accept the blissful vibrations of your inner creator in your heart? Or, recognising the nature of the strength needed will you fall into old habits?

You and only you yourself will make a decision to build your space, where it will be harmonious for you and only for you. For example, you must decide not just to drink coffee in the morning and at night close your eyes from the exhaustion of a meaningless day you have spent.  To change you must make the choice that will lead the steps of your thoughts’ growth, your energies, your joyful day combined with a healthy, clear life plan from morning to night, from one day to weeks, from one year to many years of a healthy, long-lived life.

The ability for transformation is always available to you

Your inner self is waiting for you and is waiting to open the doors to a new space. The light in the window of your life is marked by the striving of your Soul to cognize the reason for existence. Hold this light in your heart.

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