Although exercise is essential for good health, it also stresses your body. Herbalife24 is a performance nutrition product that helps athletes recover their strength after exercise and provides the energy they need throughout the day. This line of Herbalife products comes in a seven-day line, which leaves you in control of your daily nutrition needs based on training demands and activity levels.

The Creation of Herbalife24

Herbalife scientists analyze every batch of ingredients to ensure they do not contain substances banned by professional and college sports teams. This is just the beginning of the rigorous testing process the product goes through before making its way to nutrition consumers.

For the next step, a Herbalife Nutrition global quality control team reviews the ingredients to ensure they meet the strict standards for dietary supplements established under Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). Quality control employees carefully assess all suppliers and ingredients before passing Herbalife products to the next production stage. They also visit supplier facilities to see whether the company’s performance standards match those expected by Herbalife Nutrition.

The quality control team continues to monitor and test all products after release. This is to ensure that Herbalife products continue to meet expected specifications that guarantee the stability of the product. They also make sure that the ingredients in Herbalife24 and other products match the ingredients listed on the label.

Herbalife24 Has Received Certification From NSF International

NSF International is an independent third-party organization that facilitates and develops public health safety standards. One way it accomplishes this is by testing and certifying systems and products, including sports nutrition products like Herbalife24. Supplement manufacturers recognize NSF International as the industry standard concerning health sciences, food safety, and water systems.

Herbalife has received the Certified for Sport recognition from NSF International for Herbalife24 and other sports nutrition products. The criteria required to receive this certification include:

  • Ingredients in the supplement match the label
  • The supplement does not contain any of the more than 270 substances banned by athletic organizations
  • Manufacturing of the product took place at a facility that follows GMP practices and has passed at least two audits by NSF International.
  • The supplement contains no unsafe levels of contaminants

Obtaining voluntary certification is just one more way that Herbalife protects the safety and integrity of its supplements.

Herbalife Receives German Healthy Living Award for Herbalife24 Product

Herbalife Nutrition recently had the honour of receiving a Healthy Living Award from the German publication DoldeMedien Verlag. A panel consisting of nutritionists, PhDs, recipe developers, nutrition bloggers, chefs, sports journalists, personal trainers, and authors judged each product for its quality and performance. Here are some things that especially stood out for the panel:

  • Each serving contains 25 grams of protein and has only 190 calories
  • The supplement has no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or colours
  • Herbalife Nutrition adds L-glutamine and branched-chain amino acids to every package
  • The supplement contains adequate amounts of iron to help produce energy, form red blood cells, and deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Recent Herbalife Reviews

Daniel Steres, who plays on the professional soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy, stated in a recent interview that Herbalife24 is his favourite nutrition product. He added that he feels increased strength after drinking a shake with two scoops of Herbalife24. He also recovers faster from the strenuous physical activity associated with professional soccer. The coaching staff from the LA Galaxy added to Herbalife reviews when they explained how they offer Herbalife products to their team for faster recovery and improved performance.

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