The Netherlands has become one of the most sought-after business destinations in recent years, owing to various incentives provided by the Dutch government, as well as the country’s high rankings in prestigious indexes and reports. Those who want to relocate to the Netherlands to Open a Dutch company have many compelling reasons to do so. Despite its small size, there are a number of advantages to prospective investors and business owners starting a business in the Netherlands.

The country is strategically located and provides access to the region’s major markets, including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Here are some of the prime benefits of setting up a business in Dutch:

Prime Location

The Netherlands, as one of the world’s more advanced economies, combines first-rate infrastructure with a strategically advantageous position in mainland Europe to establish in Dutch. The Netherlands was ranked fourth among the Best Countries for Business in the World by Forbes. Because of its strategic location, the country has gained favour with European, Asian, and American businesses seeking to expand their own reach.

Competitive tax rates

The Dutch taxation system, which favours foreign direct investments, is one of the many reasons why the Netherlands is a good place to start your company. In addition to these numerous location advantages, the country has competitive tax rates and pro-business policies.

The current standard corporate income tax rate is set at 25%, and there are only two taxable income brackets.


The Netherlands is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, which is why it relies on both traditional and new industries. The Dutch have a good framework in place to encourage innovation and business growth.

Participation in European Framework programs and international collaborative efforts demonstrates the country’s dedication to cultivating and establishing modern approaches and breakthroughs in both the private and public sectors.

Great Financial Market

The Netherlands has long been regarded as a desirable location for major financial institutions. The Ministry of Finance has worked to establish the Netherlands as a global financial centre. This has resulted in a well-developed financial sector.

Minimize taxes for foreign investors

The Netherlands is unique in terms of taxation because of the allowances available to those who relocate here. Housing benefits and tax breaks for spouses are just two of the numerous benefits worth mentioning.

Foreign investors who want to learn more about the incentives and rules should speak with an experienced immigrant.

The easiness of starting a business

According to the World Bank, the Netherlands is one of the easiest European countries in which to begin a new business.

Thanks to the advanced online system made available to investors by the Dutch government, the company registration process can be completed in a matter of days.

Compared to other European countries, in which access to the local workforce is difficult, the Netherlands is just the opposite: access to talented, multi-language, and skilled personnel is quite easy.

Attracting investors

There are numerous reasons to choose the Netherlands as the location for your company’s establishment; it all depends on whether or not an investor is interested in your venture. Despite its small size, the Netherlands has one of the world’s most prosperous economies, which attracts a large number of investors.

If you wish to know more about starting a business in the Netherlands, intercompany solutions will guide you through.