Getting hired depends on many factors, among them your experience, qualifications, and achievements. You might need to gain enough experience for you to get hired quickly.
However, a resume is very important in the hiring process and you need to ensure that your resume is good enough to beat other candidates and attract qualified employees. 

You can get any job that you want, but you need to understand how to tell the recruitment managers about your skills and the things that you can do. Advancements in technology are playing a crucial role in helping job seekers write outstanding resumes.

The past few years have seen people change how they write resumes especially due to the increasing demand for qualified employees. Today, a bigger percentage of resumes are shared online and the recruiter might choose to print it if they want.

However, you need to make sure that your resume adapts to modern digital formats and has all the requirements for you to get the job you are applying for.

Most companies are looking for qualified employees, and they do not care about the time it might take them through the hiring process as long as they get the right talent.

This has affected the way people are writing resumes in several ways, among them.

Content is More Important

Initially, hiring managers gave priority to how a resume looked. A clean and presentable resume was given priority over other resumes without even looking at the content of the resume. However, the demand for qualified employees has changed.

The focus has now changed to make sure that job seekers are writing resumes with high-quality content. Job seekers are now forced to write resumes that attract the attention of recruiters because of their qualifications, how they fit for the job, and their skills.

Technology has made it even easy for recruiters to eliminate job seekers whose resumes do not match the job requirements.

For instance, in the era of AI and machine learning, resumes must be succinct and to the point. This is because recruiters are using algorithms to parse through huge resumes in search of qualified candidates.

This eliminates those that are not qualified and has forced job seekers to change how they write resumes.

Any Person Can Write a Professional Resume

Today, it is very easy to write a professional and good-looking resume. This is because of technological advancements and the development of new solutions that people can use.

Most millennials would find it difficult to believe that there is a time when people used typewriters to write resumes. Job seekers also had to invest a lot of money for them to get the services of a professional resume writer.

However, technology has brought online resume builders and templates that job seekers can use to come up with a professional resume. All they need to do is provide the software with their information and let it do all the work.

However, this does not guarantee you a seat at the interview table. The demand for qualified employees has ensured that no matter how professional your resume is, you still need to meet a set of minimums for you to get the job.

Job seekers are, therefore, forced to write their resumes making sure that they meet the requirements of the jobs they are applying for and reducing the chances of their resumes being tossed into the bin.

The Use of Keywords

Today, job seekers are supposed to have a resume customized for every job that they are applying for.

If you look at five different job descriptions from five different companies but for the same or similar role, you will notice that each of the companies needs a person with a different skill set and qualifications.

This is fueled by the demand by the companies to hire qualified employees, something that has changed how resumes are written. Today, job seekers are customizing their resumes to match the requirements in job descriptions.

They are not only writing impressive resumes to get their dream jobs but also focusing on keywords to ensure that when their resumes are screened, they can get noticed.


Your resume plays a crucial role in determining the chances of you being called for an interview.

It gives you a way of letting the recruitment managers know about your qualifications, skills, and achievements and deciding if you meet their requirements. You, therefore, need to make sure that your resume shows that you are qualified for a job.