It’s not just because I believe in a higher power. After all, our beliefs about anything can be formed from anything but facts. It’s because quantum science is showing us (and has been for a number of years), that we are all connected. We are made of energy and like the wind and air, we are all encircling each other. We are not separate beings, we are a unified field of being.

This means when we

  • judge others;
  • give in to a desire to be special;
  • think we are more than, less than, better than, worse than;
  • hurt others;
  • don’t care about others;
  • think we are different from others;

we simply haven’t grasped the truth that we are intrinsically unified with each other, and therefore when we do those things, we are judging ourselves, hurting ourselves, and discounting ourselves.

Life is like a boomerang, what we put out comes back to us, maybe not now, but at some time. This is why our beliefs about the world have to change.

Thinking differently

So why not put out love, give hope, smile, and love someone who you don’t think deserves it. Because after all, you are doing those things to yourself.

You will know when you are on the right track when you are feeling good about yourself but in a quiet feel-good way, not in an egotistical way. When we are genuinely positive and we have given up our need to be right, or in control and we are acting from our true self the spirit of our real nature, which is Love.  Anything else is simply a defence against love. When you align with your intrinsic goodness, the world has to change.

Many people will Pooh-pooh this, they won’t believe it, and that is fine. To those people, I would say: Just be open, just be open to the possibility that you do not know everything. There really is nothing to be afraid of, because the reality of unity is that it is made of Love.

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