Every entrepreneur gets ready for the financing round while launching a new business. And a useful online presentation can end up making that journey somewhat easier.

The average time between funding rounds from Seed (an early investment round that helps a business grow and generate its own capital) to Series A (startups, which have the very beginnings of a business with a customer base and proof of concept) is 22 months.

One of the biggest factors influencing the time taken to raise funds is – the quality and effectiveness of your pitch deck, alongside your pitch presentation and performance in investor meetings.

Startups can use online presentations to improve their corporate pitches. Moreover, they should do it in a way that looks good and works well. So, let’s take a look at why opting for online business presentations is a good idea.

6 Key Benefits of Online Presentations for Startups

Online presentations let customers decide if they want to buy your products, use your services, or shop in your store. Let’s look at why using digital Powerpoint slides for startups is a good idea:

1. Collaboration Among Team Members

One benefit of online presentations is that it makes it easier for people to work together on ideas. They help teams and are great for building a collaborative spirit among teammates.

It’s simple to see how collaborating on a strategy with other people gives you more choices. We know that having different points of view on the same theme can help you think of more ways to solve a problem. This also enables the company to resolve key issues as a whole.

Online presentations additionally help individuals from diverse fields work together on a unified purpose. That can lead to a wide range of very useful options. Responses and remedies become infinite!

Even without having to create an online presentation, teams could still get together. But a single system where everyone can edit the same resources for a given piece of content makes it easier for people to talk to each other. That means you can move faster toward your goals.

You can easily add participants of your startup to one deck because of the digital team collaboration feature, offered by certain tools. This choice lets everyone modify whatever points they consider could be better.

2. Templates That Are Already Set Up

One of the best things about online presentations is that you can use templates, which are often built into the software you use. Any business model worth its salt works hard to offer business templates. Hence, the number of subjects and instances of pre-formatted presentations is a very helpful way to decide which pitch application to use.

For instance, you can try out these professional templates to build your next presentation in no time. This collection of slide deck templates has been designed professionally and optimized for success. All you need to do is select the apt presentation template, customize it to fit your needs, and make your own slide deck. 

Start by putting in your content and replacing the images, videos, and data visualizations in the template with your own. If you want your deck to match your company’s brand, you can use styles, which let you use the same colours and fonts in all of your presentations. 

Once your presentation deck is ready you can demonstrate it live in an office, remotely with live video collaboration, or by sharing a link for everyone to catch up later. And when you get ready to pitch, it’s great to make the changes that you like.

Online presentation templates don’t limit your choices; instead, they give you a much-needed feeling of where to go. Also, they save valuable time.

Even better, you can use templates to help you remember things. So, they make it harder to miss important information. Whenever you have a set plan, it’s simpler not to overlook the specifics you need.

3. Themes and AI for Presentations

Online presentations are also useful because they let you use tools that can alter pitch deck themes. Those can give you whole new points of view! Also, themes, which let you use your firm’s branding will help your business’s image. 

It is important that your deck fits in with the overall image of your startup. You should go for an agency that offers customized pitch decks, especially for startups by finding out your company’s colour scheme.

Your label also requires a voice that is distinctive and stays the same. That’s how you leave an impression on the people you want to reach. And you must be able to get that from a great pitch tool.

Again, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to some massive changes in many different industries. The manufacturing industry is among those most affected by the changes it has created.

Manufacturers are projected to spend $2.3 billion on AI technology this year. While this figure might not seem significant, it is growing at a rate of 47.9% a year through 2027.

Therefore, you need to think a lot about artificial intelligence (AI), which is why you should use AI in your online business presentations, especially if you belong to the manufacturing sector.

A clear benefit of digital presentations is that you can use an automation process to create the best design possible.

The AI feature of leading pitch-creating tools uses optimization algorithms to test a multitude of unique ways to set up each slide. Even better, it finishes the whole procedure within a tiny amount of time. 

You press a button, wait a minute, and then the slides are appropriately positioned – premised on a set of traits you’ve already set up. By doing this, the best choice is looked at.

This means that an AI engine will arrange the material you submit for you. So, it only takes one click to have a different outcome on your online presence. And if you don’t like something, you can tap repeatedly to make changes.

4. Diverse Sharing Options Among Various Audiences

Online presentations also enable you to share the business materials with different types of important stakeholders. For example, if you want to start sharing your startup demonstration with others, we strongly suggest that you use a briefing link. When you do this, you can keep track of which slides the recipient has seen.

The above characteristic of a pitching tool also lets you stop anybody with the URL from getting in. So, you have absolute authority over whatever you share as time goes on. Additionally, you should think about your different audiences. Consider students defending their master’s theses. Comprehensive market research can help both real estate brokers and people who own their own homes. A good online presence could help salespeople as well.

And marketing companies could use a service proposal digital presentation for a client. So, whether your startup is in academia, marketing, public relations, sales, or any other kind of new business, it really is a big plus to have a structure to follow.

5. Choices on How to Format

The fact that you can extract presentations in different formats is another good thing about digital presentations. When you use deck creation software to make presentations, you get a lot of options, ranging from PDF to HTML, online distribution, and PPT files. 

This is great because different groups of people have different requirements. And online presentations let you own a solitary piece of content, which you can share with stakeholders in different ways.

Another of the best things about a digital presentation is — it contains a plethora of pictures. With online presentations, you can use multimedia content and voiceovers to show all the advantages of the products or services in a manner that is easy to understand and looks good.

Formatting is especially important when it comes to creating data-driven online presentations. The charts, tables, and pictures, as well as how you arrange them on your slides, will have a big effect on how your audience sees your presentation.

Hence, it’s a good idea to carefully think about which visuals to use, how to format them, and how to put them on your slides. An online presentation tool easily allows you to include the following elements in your PPT.

  • Mixing up the types of charts and layouts of the slides to avoid repeating yourself.
  • Avoidance of diagrams that are very technical or complicated.
  • Formatting of tables and charts in a way that makes them easy to read.
  • Non-inclusion of extra features to charts just because you can. 
  • Usage of colours that fit the situation.

6. A Boost in Interactivity, Time Savings, and Ease of Creation

Online presentations retain all of PowerPoint’s interactive elements, so your customers can not only watch the demonstration, but also change the speed of playback, the volume of the sound, and several other settings.

When you use an Internet marketing PowerPoint presentation, your customers can acquire all the details they need in just a few minutes. A single demonstration can have pictures, information about prices, technical details, and more.

Online presentations are also used to help build a business. You can add graphics and illustrations to your demonstration and transform it into a marketing plan or even a task statement. 

You can show your customers and business partners the results of your business in a unique way.

Finally, online presentations are straightforward to make and change. To create a fantastic online presentation, you only have to know the basics of PowerPoint.


As we’ve seen, online presentations can make your startup business life much easier in a lot of ways. We believe you’ve learned something from this.

Overall, we hope that you can produce awesome, professional presentations quickly and easily with a great design. Use the tools you have to their fullest!

Atreyee Chowdhury works full-time as a Content Manager with a Fortune 1 retail giant. She is passionate about writing and helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted and compelling content. She loves to read, travel, and experiment with different cuisines in her free time. You can follow her on LinkedIn.