For some folks, coffee is a way of life. For the rest of us, it’s a delicious morning pick-me-up that helps us get out of bed and start our day. Coffee is such a popular beverage, that there’s an entire subculture devoted to it (including speciality coffees and interesting history). So drinking coffee is something most people do at some point during their day. So, of course, coffee can provide a pathway to increasing brand awareness. Hot coffee is popular, so mugs are an ideal vessel for selling your brand to potential leads. Here are four cool options for custom mugs to advertise your business.

Custom Mugs Make Great Promo Items

Everyone drinks coffee from some type of vessel, whether it’s a tumbler, glass (for iced coffee), or a mug. Mugs are among the most popular and durable options for drinking coffee. They also offer a phenomenal marketing opportunity! Since it’s something they’ll see every day—and likely take with them to work school, or other locations—it can make an impression on others in their immediate vicinity.

Consider adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy by offering print branded mugs, which not only serve as durable vessels for coffee but also provide a daily reminder of your brand’s presence wherever they go.

That’s why fantastic custom coffee mugs are one of the best ways to generate passive interest in your brand. Since they’ll be taking the mug to a coffee shop most of the time or to work, other people can see it and decide they might want one too. Nothing beats that kind of Interest generation and brand awareness. With the right message and quality control, you can leverage custom mugs to your advantage any way you can at your business.

1. Standard Mugs

When discussing the subject of coffee mugs, sometimes nothing beats the classics. Standard coffee mugs are the type of mugs you have at home or might see in traditional coffee shops as serving containers. They’re the smaller, 8, 10, or 12 oz cups people typically use for their hot coffee in the morning. They’re useful for drinking a few cups each morning, collecting, or simply having a few extra cups around the house.

Customers love them as a keepsake or functional items and you can make an impression by not only putting your logo/company name on the cup but offering a unique image as well. These cups are relatively inexpensive to purchase in bulk, making them an ideal conduit for generating some profits for the organization. They’re also durable and usually made from porcelain or ceramic. They can be used for iced coffee but might be better for hot coffee drinkers or customers who prefer traditional drinkware for their morning brew.

2. Bistro Mugs

For people who truly love their coffee, a bistro-style mug is a fantastic option. Bistro-style mugs are usually made from porcelain and are pretty durable. They can be the wider mouth Style you see in coffee shops. Bistro mugs give off an upscale vibe that makes them ideal for demonstrating to customers that your organization is a little bit more on the high-end. They can be even better if you run a coffee shop and you want to promote yourself as a high-quality/high-class company.

They also hold plenty of liquid and come in a variety of colours, giving you a great deal to work with when designing your promotion. Consider putting your company name or logo on one side of the cup while displaying an image, seen, or photograph on the other. That way, your customers have an elegant, custom mug while you reap the marketing benefits of selling custom bistro mugs.

3. Stainless Steel Mugs

Stainless steel is a wonderful material for any beverage container. It’s durable, it’s easy to clean, and it lasts for a very long time. Many stainless steel mugs are also insulated, so you can enjoy your coffee for a longer period throughout the day. They are also dishwasher safe and usually have a very high-quality finish, which gives them a sort of sleek appearance. Stainless steel mugs are usually found in hotels or lodging/hospitality areas as the drinking option of choice. Getting yourself a stainless steel mug or two is a great idea if you like your coffee to stay hot or stay cold. That same idea translates to your customers. They’ll enjoy something that has a high-quality, durable motif but also features some custom branding.

4. Campfire Mug

Campfire mugs are a unique design among coffee drinkware. They have a very stylistic look to them that resembles a traditional coffee mug, only with a rugged look. They’re still made from ceramic or stainless steel and are typically quite durable. A campfire mug is an ideal canvas for promoting a brand because of its cool factor. Their ideal for sitting around the campfire and drinking some coffee, hence their name, because they keep your liquid hot and delicious for a long time.


Offering these an option for your customers can help give them a little more variety and give you more opportunities to get your brand name out there. These are only a few of the types of mugs that are available, but by using them effectively, you can keep people interested and engaged with your organization.

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