About The Network

About The People Development Network

The People Development Network (the Network) is an online networking group, which helps to bring people together with a shared interest in:


  • Leadership
  • Human Resources and Managing people
  • Personal Development

The network engages with readers and contributors in the following way.

The Network

People Development Magazine  is both a monthly publication for original and guest articles, as well as an ongoing blog.  The magazine includes a number of additional features, such as featured blogs from our Authors and Experts.


Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved.  We share widely across our platform with currently around 250k followers, 72% of which are interested in Leadership and People Development.  Our average page views in the last 12 months is circa 20k.
Become an Author  –   Our author membership is free.  This is a great way to show off your expertise.  Authors publish non-promotional articles which are shared for a number of months to our 250k followers.  Before you get started, you must read our Contributor Guidelines.  Please do read carefully as we will not publish any articles which do not fit into the requirements set out in the guidelines.
Sponsored Articles     Submit a sponsored article, promoting your product or services.  Your article can link back to your product, service or web page.  We share across our vast network.
Advertise your Event  Get your event listed and shared across our wide network.
Business Promotional Package  – this package is great if you have a PR campaign and you want to get your message out in a number of ways including, sponsored articles, book reviews and events.  Share up to 12 promotional articles, events, book or product reviews over a 6 months period.
Download our Media Pack –  If you are an Advertising Agency or a PR Firm, or you simply wish to advertise a product, an event or a service then here are some further examples of how we can help.