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People Development articles set out some of the most up to date thinking from around the world.  Helping organisations and businesses to develop their people is essential.  Our writers share their insights and expertise setting out how teams and individuals can develop.

Our articles cover topics covering a range of interventions, both formal and informal.

Learning and Development

The type of learning and development business may choose for an employee should line people up to fulfil the capability needs for that business.  Individuals sourcing learning and development can intend to either learn new skills or explore deeper thinking.


Learning new skills can be liberating and exciting.  However, motivation for learning is often about what the skills will lead to. There are many ways to learn new skills. Understanding how the brain works, and learning styles can be very helpful here.  Skills can be about work, or for life skills.


Some of our articles tackle formal education.  Usually about deciding to go onto further education, either a degree or MBA.  The word educate means “to draw from within”  The real meaning is not about learning about what we don’t know, but by discovering what is already within us.