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Christina Lattimer - Founder of the People Development Network Hi there, my name is Christina Lattimer.  I am the Founder of the People Development Network

If you are an experienced leader or a manager, and things are just not flowing or working for you.  Or you are just starting out on the path and you want to build your confidence and skills,  then I would love to help you.

I specialise in helping you to get brilliant results, lead high performing teams and massively increase your confidence to help you deal with most situations.

I have successfully led and managed teams for most of my working life, which has given me a richness of experience.  Over the years I have honed an approach to leadership and management which is based on sound spiritual or universal principles.  The wisdom of this approach characterises a win/win, transformational approach to leading and managing teams.  Putting this approach into practice has helped me and my teams reach stretching goals and turn around engagement, performance, and results.

I am a qualified leader and manager, an FCIPD accredited HR Professional, and have a certificate and diploma in coaching, coupled with many years of experience in public, private and voluntary sectors.   I am a certified Myers Briggs Practioner and experienced in NLP and Neuroscience.


If you have a problem, I have probably worked through that either myself or with my many clients.

Give me a call or text me now on 07411765625, or email me Christina@peopledevelopmentnetwork.com to arrange an exploratory chat.  Alternatively, use the contact form below.

I look forward to speaking with you!

What my clients and customer say about me:

About my books:

“Thank you so much for sending me a copy or your e-book “Getting to Grips with stress in the Workplace”. A really straightforward, well-written and easy to read book with lots of practical and good sound advice for Managers” J.K – Mediator 

“This little book took me less than an hour to read but has given me food for thought for weeks and months to come.  Although the examples are often autobiographical Christina illustrates well how her experiences and reflections have led her to a way of thinking which can be applied successfully by all of us in a range of situations.  Invest the time – what can you lose – only an hour of your time-  but you could gain a whole new insight which will equip you well to face new challenges going forward.”- TM – Manager

“I just downloaded it — an excellent piece; especially liked your insights re the psychology of bullying”  W.

“Christina … Wonderfully written and so very direct and simple that comprehension and the urge to try is inevitable.”     – Raj Sinha Roy of skills2excel

“I really enjoyed The 6 secrets of great emotional intelligence. To everyone out there – it’s worth a read!” PC – People Manager

“I am just writing to thank you for the perfect book “The 6 secrets of EI”.  It is clear and the examples are vivid.
To my surprise, I have discovered the real cause of my constant unhappiness.  It is great! I am going to work on it and I am really grateful to You for showing me the direction to go. Thank you for Your book and good luck in all your business and personal matters!”  Irina

Drop me an email to arrange an exploratory chat