Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching can help leaders and managers navigate new terrain!

Executive coaching can help leaders and managers navigate their way through the  leadership maze. A recent search on Amazon revealed that there are some 83000 books with Leadership in their title.  Leadership is written about from so many different perspectives and values.  People Discovery knows that organisational and team leaders have a pivotal role in creating a vision for their own life and their businesses.  There is a real skill in being able to not only implement a great vision but also to be able to get employee buy-in and commitment across a diverse workforce. Executive coaching is a preliminary step to help you get in touch with your own intuition.

Executive coaching is the choice for leaders and managers who understand the value of stretching their vision and helping them tap into their own intuition.  Good coaches and practitioners encourage  Leaders and Executives to discover their own unique contribution and skills set, aligning this with that of the organisation as a whole.  Every Leadership challenge is different from another.  Executive Coaching can help senior leaders and managers to:

  • Understand their own unique leadership style and how this impacts on their organisation:
  • Help understand the challenges leaders  face and how they can vary styles and communication opportunities to maximise employee  and stakeholder commitment
  • Develop a unique leadership framework which will maximise their impact on the organisation they lead.
  • Help  as a sounding board to create a  great vision  which engages hearts and minds and thus optimise results
  • Help leaders to understand and develop a range of strategies to deal with difficult situations and people depending on their own unique style.

In short, an executive coach can cut through the theory and find a way through the leadership maze that will be customised to your own style and that of your organisation.

The CIPD has conducted research which shows 99% of leaders and managers felt coaching was effective!