Leadership and Management Frameworks

Leadership and management frameworks can drive up performance

Leadership and management frameworks come in all shapes and sizes.  The model or frameworks main components depend on the context upon which it is conceived. The purpose of a Leadership and Management Framework is to provide a clear set of standards and expectations about how leaders and managers should perform to meet the unique needs of a particular business.

Your model should be based on sound theory, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. This means the model includes competencies linked to all 3 of the brain’s domains.  By making sure your leadership and management framework is linked to the major learning domains of the brain. It will ensure it is inclusive.  Including the 3 domains means the framework will include standards which are recognised by the Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor parts of the brain.  Or in other words, the thinking, emotional and doing aspects of every person.

How to choose a framework

The truth is there are so many leadership and management frameworks.  It can be confusing for organisations to decide which is best for them.   Each organisation is different.  This means, therefore, the leadership and management model needed will be different.  A good leadership and management framework will contain some of the best theory. It will develop a unique blend of leadership and management elements to suit your organisation.  Furthermore, it will help achieve your vision, targets, and outcomes.  At the same time building leadership and management capability in a meaningful way for leaders and managers.   Using a balanced scorecard approach is essential to discover key values, skills, and styles which will help your organisation grow.  Remember effective leadership and management frameworks will  :

  • Help you identify your key leadership and management challenges
  • Recognise and help celebrate the key achievements of leaders and managers and build these into a customised framework
  • Engage across the organisation to develop key values and engagement opportunities to incorporate into your framework
  • Help develop a bespoke model which will drive forward key performance and outcomes, with clear success criteria
  • Align the framework to work with succession planning, talent management, and reward

See the People Discovery Leadership Model for further information.