Member Guidelines

People Development Network Guidelines

Guidelines – Introduction:

These guidelines are a quick and easy reference to tell you more about your Member benefits and features.  If you would like to read the small print, then read our terms and conditions.

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Guidelines – General


The Network is spread over 3 websites which interlink.   The e.MILE People Development Magazine  is both a monthly publication for original and guest articles, as well as an ongoing blog.  The magazine includes a number of additional features, such as  featured blogs from our Authors and Advertisers.   The Directory  is an industry specific Directory, where Businesses in the Industry list their business and contact details.  This helps Industry specific businesses become more visible and increase their odds of being found across the internet. The Network Store is Member resource, where Advertisers are able to  post books, resources, products and free giveaways for the benefit of readers.


By virtue of signing up as a Member, Author or Advertiser, you are automatically entered on our mailing list.  We will send you:

  • Regular news and updates on articles
  • Discounts and offers
  • Upgrade information
  • Important information about changes to your Membership

If you do not wish to receive any  particular publication, you are free to unsubscribe.  However, we reserve the right to contact you about the management of your Membership.  We are not able to maintain Membership accounts without the ability to contact you.

We will never share your email address.  Nor will we send you spam. Our publications include relevant and timely information from the People Development Network.

Social Media Platforms

We use a range of social media platforms to share content, including articles, Expert details and items in our store.

Social Media Accounts and Connections

@pdiscoveryuk          –   215k+

@eMILEPDMagazine  –  39k+

People Development Network Facebook Page            – 500+

People Development Network Google Plus Page             – 3k+

The People Development Network LinkedIn Page              – 11k+

The People Development Network Linkedin Group   – 12k +

The People Development Network Google Plus Community   – 1k +

The People Development Network Pinterest Board  – 1k +

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Guidelines – For Listed Businesses

Getting Listed in the Business Directory

We offer Businesses a Directory listing.  We aim to develop a qualitative, informative site which is a reliable and essential resource for people in your target market.  We have minimum standards for all directory listings.

Please follow the instructions on  1 – 6 on the submit or edit your listing pages  We work on a traffic light system for SEO purposes and all listings must score a “green light”. We may make minor, not substantial adjustments to optimise the searchability of your article in order to  gain a “green light” without having to refer back to you.

We will promote new listings randomly across our social media platforms upon sign up.  Member profiles are routinely shared across our many social media platforms.

New and revised listing sare submitted for review by one of our team.  In most circumstances,  we will review in 24 hours.  Weekend submissions will be reviewed on a Monday.  In busy or holiday times, listings will be reviewed within 48 – 72  hours.

Promoting Your Blog

When you sign up for a Directory listing, we will also promote suitable Member blogs.  In order for us to promote your blog, please email us your RSS blog feed URL:

We use RSS Feeds to post your blog across our twitter account @eMILEPDMagazine 


[tab title=”Uploading an Article – For Authors ” icon=”icon-file”]

Authors  are able to submit as many articles for the magazine they like.  They must, however, fit with our contributor guidelines.

You can find the Contributor guidelines and instructions   here which include detailed instructions about how to upload an article:


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Uploading an Event

Advertisers are able to post events.

To upload an event:
1.  Log into the site with your username and password  Login
2.  From the menu, choose events and “add new”.
3.  Enter the event details under the 4 tabs provided. Event Date and Time, Event Location Details, Event Cost and Tickets, and Organizer Contact Info.   Event Date and Time is already open for      you. Underneath that tab you can choose: All Day Event? and No End Time?. If your Event has a start and end time, you can choose those in the calendar below the tick boxes.  You can also         Choose to repeat your event, and if so, you can also choose to repeat it excluding certain dates in the tick boxes and calendar below.
4.  Once you’ve completed the Event Date and Time tab, click on the Event Location Details tab. In that tab, there are two boxes to insert the venue name and the address. There are also two tick      boxes to choose whether you want a Google map to show the location of your event and whether you want to show coordinates.
5.  After you have filled in the Event Location Details tab, click on the Event Cost and Tickets tab. In that tab, there are two boxes, one to insert the cost of the event, and another to insert a URL       where people can buy tickets if necessary. Once you have filled in the Event Cost and Tickets tab, click on the Organizer Contact Info tab. In that tab there are four boxes, one to insert your full     name, one to insert your telephone number, mobile or land line whichever suits you best, one to insert your email address, and one for an external URL (website etc.)
6.  When you have filled in all four tabs, there is a text box underneath, you can write in that if you choose. In there you could add any additional information, and also repeat important details          such as location, website etc.
7.  Down the right-hand side of the page, there are four boxes. You will need to fill in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th box. The 2nd box is the category box, simply choose which category your event falls               under, if your category isn’t there, simply send us an email, at  and we will add it for you. Enter four or five tags in the 3rd box which best describe your         event.  The 4th box is the featured image box. Click on set featured image, and choose the image which you would like to represent your event.
8.   Once you are happy with your event, click submit for review in the 1st box on the right-hand side, once we have reviewed, your event will be published.


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We have a range of ways of helping you to promote your brand and products.  if you are an advertising or PR agency, we can help you reach your target audience.  To find out more simply download our Media Pack