Organisational Strategy

Organisational Strategy Includes Design and Development

In any good business,  your Human Resources practitioner  should be involved if not leading, on your organisational strategy.  Is your organisation structured well enough to deliver your organisational strategy?   Do you have the right infrastructure in place to adapt to the changes that may be needed as your organisational strategy progresses?  Organisational strategy,  design and development is essential to make sure that your business is fit for purpose.  Undergoing the development of an overall strategy for your organisation can help you think outside of the box and future-proof your business.

Professional HR Expertise can help to identify how effectively your organisational structure, skills and people are aligned to create success.   In order to effectively create and organisational strategy, the following steps can simplify thinking and therefore implementation.

Organisational strategy is a combination of a clear vision, coupled with a meaningful mission and purpose, underlined with some clear steps to make sure the right resources and plans are in place to achieve outcome-based goals.

Organisation design is a framework used to make sure that the structure, resources, processes, and practices are in place.  This then supports the achievement of the vision, mission and purpose, and the key outcomes.  Intelligent design will shape the culture of the organisation through the environment, policies, processes and agreements.

Organisation development is a mechanism used to evaluate and make changes around the capabilities of people in the organisation where necessary.  Changes can be made to existing organisation skills, culture, staff input and performance.   Evaluation and review must be component parts to ensure the structure is current, adaptable and effective when change is taking place.  The components of organisation development can be examined and reviewed individually with a view to driving up performance in a situation of change.

The key is that the processes are holistic, in that they develop the whole organisation or review parts  of it, with clear impacts and alignment across the whole.